The Porsche Taycan Will Lead an EV Revolution

The electric car revolution is happening right now, hitting you in the face. There have been a lot of electric vehicle releases of late and there will be a lot more in the days and years ahead but nothing like the first shot across Tesla’s bow with the Porsche Taycan. Why? Because no EV has been produced that competes from a major auto manufacturer.

Shot Across Tesla’s Bow

You may ask what about Jaguar’s I-Pace? The I-Pace has had its problems and clearly has a way to go, especially at the dealer level. We feel that with Porsche’s solid engineering background it has vetted the Taycan and its dealership network every which way. 

You may also ask about the price differential. Yes, the Taycan is priced well above the Tesla S, but we understand that Porsche feels fully 50% of purchasers will be current Porsche owners who want the cache they feel owning a Porsche gives them. In this realm, feeling takes precedence over price.

Porsche Dedicated Rabid Enthusiasts

Tesla has built its brand, and it has a solid following of dedicated, some might even say rabid enthusiasts. Well, so does Porsche.

What is Porsche doing to support the launch of the Taycan? The question is, “What hasn’t it done?” First, Porsche has invested over six billion dollars in Taycan development. In addition, it has added 1.200 new employees to the payroll to support this massive effort. As we said, Porsche has a following because it has a reputation. The Taycan must not deviate.

Electric Porsches

“We predict that over 50% of Porsche models delivered from 2025 will be electrified,” says Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Member of the Board which oversees Finance and IT at Porsche. As can be seen, all phases of the business of Porsche see this as a revolution.

Want more proof? “By applying flexi-line production, Porsche will become the first vehicle manufacturer to use driverless transport systems in a continuous series production process,” says Albrecht Reimold, Member of the Executive Board overseeing Production and Logistics.

Not only is the Taycan a revolution within Porsche, but it is rethinking even the process of manufacturing its cars.

If that’s not enough, beyond the ability to change the assembly process at will, Porsche says the Taycan assembly is carbon neutral, laying the groundwork for a totally zero-impact factory. If the car is environmentally clean, why shouldn’t the process of manufacturing it be as well?

Four-Minute Charge

The elephant in the electric room is battery development, and Porsche has been working on that, as you can imagine. In pushing the technology limits, their 800 V electric architecture guarantees its lithium-iron batteries can be recharged in four minutes, to add over 60 miles of range. Four minutes for 60 miles.

Electrify America

In collaboration with BMW, Ford, and Mercedes, Porsche is adding 400 charging stations across Europe, and an additional 300 “Electrify America” stations across the country. By the end of this year, Porsche will be installing over 2,000 charging points at destinations like hotels and malls across Europe. 

So all aspects of development, battery capacity, manufacturing, and infrastructure have been addressed and substantially improved or altered in anticipation of the debut of the Taycan. As we said, this is a revolution, and it’s happening at Porsche.