The Nissan Xterra Makes for a Great Used SUV Value

All good things, vehicle model lineups included, must come to an end sometime. The Nissan Xterra is a midsize SUV, no longer in production. Fans had to bid farewell to the prospect of new designs and generations, and the rugged Xterra was destined to fade into the shadows of the current SUV family that includes the Armada, Pathfinder, Murano, Rogue, and Kicks. According to some auto experts, the Nissan Xterra offers incredible value for a used vehicle. And finding the right used model for sale can keep it super affordable.

The final year of a great SUV run

Initially launched in 2000, with intentions of attracting younger, active car buyers, the Nissan Xterra was born. By the time it bid the dealership showrooms farewell, it was 2015. So, it had plenty of years on the road to work out any manufacturing kinks. It had been a serious contender for off-road capability and did come with an available manual transmission for true enthusiasts.

The interior was versatile and innovative for 2015. But of course, compared to the enhancements of today, the 2015 Xterra might show its age in outdated styling and unimpressive fuel efficiency. According to Edmunds, you can expect to pay $12,000 to $14,000 for one of these final-year models today.

X Marks the Spot campaigns

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In 2005, Nissan announced it would be launching a host of television, print, and billboard ads promoting the Xterra. The marketing manager for Nissan SUVs at the time said the company would be using ads that featured kayakers, athletes, surfers, and snowboarders living their best life behind the wheel of their Xterra.

This SUV was designed to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts who wanted off-road capability and rugged everyday adventures. They called it an X Marks the Spot campaign, and it spoke volumes to those younger car buyers.

What made the 2005 to 2015 model years great

The Nissan Xterra offered the body-on-frame design and would liken to the stature of the Frontier today. If you find one of these models for sale today, you can expect the 4.0-liter V6 engine under the hood, harnessing 265 hp for some serious off-pavement potential. The classifieds might have the five-speed automatic variations or the six-speed manuals. Most will have four-wheel drive as well.

In 2009, the Nissan Xterra changed shape with new styling and extras. The hearty SUV came with roof-mounted lights as part of the off-road trims. It also added side curtain airbags and rollover sensors as standard, which for that decade was considered cutting-edge safety technology. The SE trims were outfitted with leather seats, and the side moldings shifted to body colors. Also available were the X and S variations.

AutoTrader says the Nissan Xterra one of the best used Nissans of all

AutoTrader highlighted a few Nissan model vehicles that seem to rate well in terms of longevity, reliability, and used car value overall. On that list is the Nissan Xterra, and more specifically, those model years between 2005 and 2015. The experts suggest that buyers can get great deals within the $10,000 or less range. At the time of this report, AutoTrader said there were nearly 400 Xterra models listed on their classifieds website. The AutoTrader gurus go on to say that some of the best “value-packed reliable used” vehicles are Nissans. The Xterra is certainly no exception.

Buying any used vehicle does present some risks. Buying a 2015 or older model Nissan Xterra means you should probably be prepared for a big odometer number. And it’s always a solid idea to review the vehicle’s history of maintenance, service, and accidents before finalizing the deal too. But in narrowing down which model SUVs are best at holding their value and running for the long haul, the Nissan Xterra definitely tops the list of worthy considerations.