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RV travel is not for everyone. For some, RV travel is both expensive and work-intensive. However, campers are becoming increasingly popular as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Sales for RV’s have skyrocketed. If you’re looking for a camper that will help you vacation in comfort and luxury, the Newmar Canyon Star RV may be perfect for you. 

The Newmar Canyon Star could be the perfect RV

With a starting price of $233,870, the Newmar Canyon Star is on the more expensive side of the spectrum for camper prices. However, for this price, the Canyon Star gives RV owners a truly luxurious and convenient motorhome.

According to Newmar Corporation, the Canyon Star is built with a Freightliner MC chassis and is protected by a specialized roof with walkable decking. The Canyon Star is powered by a front-engine Cummins diesel engine capable of 340 hp and 700 lb-ft of torque.

In addition to this, the Canyon Star is also equipped with a 2500 series transmission. The Canyon Star is also equipped with a tow hitch rated at 6,000 pounds.

The chassis is also equipped with features like cruise control, tilt steering wheel, anti-lock braking system, side cameras, and rearview cameras. The cockpit comprises a comfortable captain’s chair built for long drives, a 9-inch radio monitor, and a 9-inch monitor system.

All these features help make the Canyon Star easy, enjoyable, and safe to drive. In addition to this, the Canyon Star also comes standard with a 6.0 kW generator and an option for an 8.0 kW generator.

An interior built for RV luxury

As seen in a video by Newmar, the Canyon Star’s interior is truly luxurious at every corner. The layout shown in the video is the 3927 — the only Class A front-engine diesel toy-hauler on the market.

This RV is even decked out with a garage for toy hauling or extra sleeping space, a master bedroom with a comfortable queen bed and mounted TV, a classy bathroom, and a shower with constantly heated water. 

Furthermore, when it comes to Canyon Star’s kitchen, it is equipped with a Whirlpool refrigerator, 30″ Whirlpool convection microwave, and Suburban Elite Series 3 gas cooktop.

In addition to this, there is also a dinette, mounted TV, and a comfortable lounge sofa. According to Newmar’s website, there are three types of finishes for the interior-the Linx, the Magnum, and the Timberland.

Although the 3927 is just one of nine layouts available, most features and appliances stay the same. The 3911 is specially designed for wheelchair accessibility and the 3929 is equipped with an additional room with bunk beds and an additional toilet.

Furthermore, the 3747, 3722, 3719, and 3710 are the 37-foot models and the 3515 is the smallest, 35-foot model. 

Rated as one of the top 10 RVs of 2021 

RVs on display at an dealership
RVs sitting on a dealership sales lot | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Newmar Canyon Star made the RV Business’ list for the top 10 RVs due to its impressive diesel-powered chassis. The Class A front powered diesel chassis has been meticulously engineered to provide the best driving experience and comfort possible.

It is not only more powerful than gas competitors, but it is also more fuel-efficient. Therefore, some major advantages of this chassis range from the Canyon Star’s cost efficiency, quiet and comfortable ride, and the ability to tow more than many competitors. 

According to the report, the Newmar Canyon Star provides a great alternative to gas-powered campers that many RV owners were looking for.

The extra power and torque also help make the Canyon Star a great toy-hauler — potentially opening-up opportunities for new front-engine diesel-powered toy haulers. The Canyon Star also rocks improved movability, air suspension, and effective air brakes.


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