This Lightweight Truck Camper Doesn’t Sacrifice Any Luxuries

2020 has been a terrible year for pretty much everyone, but at least it brought a renewed interest in RVs. Now, camper vans, truck campers, and motorhomes are a great way to take a vacation and still be socially distant. Some campers are so lightweight and portable that they can even be installed on the back of a pickup truck.

The Cirrus 620 camper is one of the lightest truck campers you can buy. Don’t let its small size fool you: it’s still decked out with great amenities you’d find in larger campers. Here’s what Camper Report has to say about the Cirrus 620.

A certain kind of driver in mind

The Cirrus 620 weighs in at only 1,500 pounds, meaning it’s perfect for any half-ton truck. nüCamp created the Cirrus 620 for drivers who wanted a decently equipped camper without having to find a bigger truck to carry it. Your truck doesn’t even have to have the largest bed size: as short as five feet five inches will do.

Full-size trucks can easily carry the Cirrus 620, but it might even be able to fit in your midsize truck. The base Ford Ranger has a payload capacity of over 1,600 pounds. This camper could also fit inside a Chevy Colorado or Toyota Tacoma with the right packages equipped.

Rooms inside the Cirrus 620 camper

The Cirrus 620 definitely doesn’t look big, but Camper Report says that it’s surprisingly spacious on the inside. The first portion of the camper is the kitchen area, complete with a sink, stove, and fridge. You can store food in the overhead wood cabinets or in a slide-out pantry near the floor.

A step away sits a comfortable dining area with a small table and two plush seats. These seats can also be converted into another bed when you’re finished with your meal. Tucked into the corner of the dining area is a small, hideaway toilet under a bench.

The Cirrus 620 isn’t big enough to include its own shower, but it does have a special water management system. It can easily be connected to your camper’s exterior shower. Directly behind the dining area is the main sleeping area, which houses a queen bed and a stargazing window.

The bed is manufactured by Froli, a company that makes mattresses specifically for camper vans. The spring-loaded baffles inside the mattress allow for the best ventilation and are easily adjustable. The mattress is designed to adapt to each person’s body and movements while they sleep.

Modern appliance options

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The Cirrus 620 comes standard with a 210-watt solar panel kit as a power source. Drivers can also draw power from the battery compartment that can hold two group-24 batteries. The Cirrus 620 doesn’t come with a television set, but it has the right hookups if you want to install your own.

However, it does come with a Bluetooth Bose speaker. Drivers can also add a microwave to the kitchen area and a built-in air conditioner for the roof of the camper. A motorized awning can also be added for an additional price.

Each Cirrus 620 has an all-in-one heater and furnace, plus a fan to keep riders comfortable in each season. There’s also a compartment to store propane tanks, which can hold up to 20 pounds. The manufacturer includes a 5-gallon tank of propane with each purchase.

A rearview camera is installed on the back of the camper for ease of reversing into camping spaces. You can even control the camper’s lights or fan on your smartphone with the smartCamp program. 

The Cirrus 620 is a great first camper for anyone with a truck. It was just released last weekend and costs around $38,000.