A Small Investment Can Protect Your RV for Years

An RV is a major purchase, so you want to ensure you’re doing your part to protect it. One small thing many owners overlook is a camper cover. This modest investment offers a big pay-off when it comes to protecting your rig for years to come. 

For many RVers, their camper spends more time in their driveway than on the road. Sitting exposed to the elements can be detrimental to your vehicle over time. When it isn’t possible to store your RV in a covered area, a camper cover is an ideal solution to protect your investment.

What is an RV cover?

You’ll often see blue tarps over RVs in driveways or storage facilities around the country, but don’t consider those a long-term solution, Camping World suggests. Tarps work in urgent situations, but they don’t offer proper protection.

A camper cover is just as you might imagine: a large piece of material designed to wrap your travel trailer or motorhome. It’s usually made with a breathable, weather-resistant fabric. A cover provides the protection needed to keep your RV in the best condition and ready for your next adventure.

Protect your RV from the elements

A weather-resistant cover protects your RV from the elements. A cover designed for a motorhome will guard it against a variety of things, including the following:


One of the major concerns for any RV owner is water and moisture. Condensation can collect between a tarp and the vehicle because the material isn’t breathable. This can create an ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow. Water from the condensation can also freeze and cause your camper’s roof to crack. Many RV covers are waterproof and made with breathable material, which allows the moisture to escape, thus avoiding issues.


Sunny days are welcome for camping trips, but relentless heat can deteriorate RVs left outside most of the time. The sun’s UV rays can cause colors to fade, the paint to desiccate, the roof and sealant to crack, and other damage. An RV cover made to block UV rays offers the protection needed to reduce the risk of damage due to sunlight. A polyester or polypropylene cover is an excellent choice.


Similar to issues caused by moisture, an RV cover will offer protection against melting and frozen snow. Having an extra layer of protection between the snow and the RV’s exterior reduces future roof problems. 


Dust and dirt are silent culprits of potential camper damage. Not many RV owners want to spend the extra time washing their rig regularly, so a camper cover is the best solution for reducing dirt and dust accumulation. Not only does a dusty camper look unappealing, but dirt also causes wear-and-tear on components over time. An RV cover helps preserve your ride and keep it road-ready when the traveling desire strikes.

Choosing the right camper cover


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It’s important to carefully consider which RV cover is best for you and your rig. Be sure to find one that’s tailored to your camper’s size. You can even get a made-to-order one to ensure a snug fit. RV covers provide many benefits and help keep your camper in cruising shape, saving you time when you’re ready to hit the road.