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The BMW X8 has been rumored for so long that we almost forgot about BMW’s upcoming super SUV. BMW has not released much info on its upcoming super SUV. But it’s safe to say that Maserati, Land Rover, and even Bentley should be nervous. The new X8 could be a game-changer in the super sporty SUV segment.

Even numbered BMWs are coupe SUVs

In BMW’s naming nomenclature, all its odd-numbered X SUVs look more like standard SUVs. Think of the X3 and X5, with their two-box designs, vs. the X4 and X6 with sloping roofs. The even-numbered SUVs are the “coupe” versions. BMW slopes the rear roof and gives its even-numbered Xs the sporty treatment to create versions of the SUVs that let you sit up high, like an SUV, but that don’t look like they belong in the school pickup line, like an SUV.

We expect the X8 to follow the same naming convention and to be the coupe version of the new for 2023 X7 SUV.  The even-numbered Xs also carry an increase in price. That means that the new X8 could easily sell for $100,000, or even $160,000 in M sport or Alpina trim. That’s a chunk of dough, but it could also add a ton of features and panache that would make it worthy of the price.

Is the BMW X7 and seven-seater?

The seven-seat 2023 BMW X7 in blue. Could it turn into a hyper-sports SUV in X8 trim?
The 2023 BMW X7 | BMW

The 2023 BMW X7 is a seven-seat large SUV. The X8, however, would likely have five seats. When BMW slopes the rear roof to create a coupe SUV, that doesn’t leave much headroom for passengers if they were to sit in the way back. That trick would likely create a long, flat, and useful load floor for carrying several Gucci or Prada bags, however.

The X7, which is all-new for 2023, has is making waves not just because it’s BMW’s largest SUV, but because of its available sport packages that would likely carry over to the X8. The sport packages seem to fit BMWs even-numbered X-series vehicles better than the odd-numbered SUVs. In the X7’s case, you can order it as the X7 M70i, which comes with 22-inch wheels and a monster 423-horsepower engine that can take this SUV to 60 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds, per BMW. The X7 can also come with a 4.4-liter bi-turbo V8 with a mild hybrid booster that adds even more oomph. The Alpina XB7 version can be had with a 630-horsepower version of the V8 that drops that 0-to-60 time to an even 4.0 seconds.

The X8 should be super sporty

The BMX X8 could take cues from the 2023 BMW XM, which is an all-electric SUV from BMW.

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The X8 will likely take some design cues from the new hyper SUV from BMW, the iX. The iX and XM have polarized critics with their giant two-bean grille and bold styling creases. But at its core, especially in new iX M60 trim is fast, expensive, and all-electric. For the first time on an EV SUV, BMW turned its M-brand tuners loose, and they pumped up the electric motors to 610 horsepower in this big five-seat SUV. With launch control on, BMW estimates that it will hit 60 mph in 3.1 seconds.

But, the power comes at a bit of a cost in range, as it drops to 288 compared to the xDrive50’s range of 324. On the inside is where the M60 really dazzles, with a giant screen across the dash that is larger than most TVs. It starts at about $105,000. The X8 could compete with the XM as a twin-turbo gas-powered alternative, or as Edmunds says, the Tesla Model X and the Mercedes-Mayback GLS.