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In addition to maintaining road safety, most drivers make it a goal to avoid traffic stops with law enforcement. However, some interactions can be more severe and can even result in the police officers on the scene deciding to impound your car, or in others words, having it towed away and preventing you from using it for a specified amount of time. Here are the main infractions that would cause this to happen. 

Law enforcement officers can impound your car after an arrest

Most drivers assume that the police will leave your car where it was if they happen to arrest them. While this is sometimes true, they could impound your car after the arrest. However, there are typically reasons for this. For example, they may take your car for its involvement in a crime. The same is true if they can use the vehicle as evidence in an investigation.

There are many reasons police could impound your car that involve road safety.
Car impounded | Tanya St via iStock

Law enforcement officers can also impound your car if you get arrested and it’s parked illegally. This is important because vehicles parked illegally can easily impede road safety and might obstruct access to places. In some cases, police will work with the vehicle owner to find someone else to take the vehicle if it doesn’t need towing.

Various road safety violations

Naturally, the police could decide to impound your car for various road safety violations. These violations could be things like reckless driving, driving under the influence, or evading the police. Typically, any infraction that goes above a traffic citation could lead to your car being towed away at the request of the police on the scene. 

If you can’t legally drive the car

Law enforcement offers could decide to impound your car if you can’t legally drive it. Of course, one of the most common reasons would be the lack of a driver’s license. However, lacking the proper vehicle registration could also lead to the police taking this action. This action can also happen in cases where a driver has somehow become injured, and there is no one else to release the vehicle to. The same is true for driving without car insurance. 

There are many reasons law enforcement officers might decide to impound your car. According to Dirt Legal, vehicle owners can be on the hook for the fees associated with law enforcement having their car towed away. Because of this, it’s important to maintain road safety and to have the proper documentation when driving. After all, no one wants to watch someone hook their car to a tow truck.