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Ever heard of the banana box test? A YouTuber named Bjorn Nyland performed the test on the electric BMW iX SUV. That means he tried to fit as many boxes of bananas inside the vehicle as possible. He even has the stats to compare it to other vehicles in the same segment. We think it’s the perfect way to measure the vehicle’s cargo space. Here’s how many boxes of bananas fit inside the BMW iX SUV.

How many boxes of bananas fit inside the BMW iX?

Firstly, eight boxes fit inside the trunk without folding any of the seats down. Bjorn showed that the trim around the top of the trunk makes it difficult to fit more. Although there is plenty of space in the trunk, it doesn’t look like it can all be used for banana boxes. The angle at which the trunk is curved forward doesn’t help either. That’s why only eight boxes could fit, and the YouTuber had to load them strangely for even that many to fit inside.

Next, Bjorn folded the seats down to see how many more could fit in the BMW iX. After a few minutes of work, 25 total boxes of bananas fit inside the SUV. That’s a shockingly large jump up from just using trunk space. In the video, you can see that boxes are vertically stacked in front of the seats, on top of them, and just about everywhere else, space is available. According to Bjorn, 25 boxes are equal to models like the Volkswagen ID.4 and Hyundai Ioniq 5, but far fewer than the Tesla Model X and Y, which fit 28 and 26 boxes of bananas, respectively.

Does the BMW iX have a frunk?

how many boxes of bananas fit inside the BMW iX SUV? It has immense cargo space.
29 September 2021, Bavaria, Garching: A BMW iX is seen during a BMW press event. Photo: Matthias Balk/dpa (Photo by Matthias Balk/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Unfortunately, the BMW iX SUV does not have a frunk to provide extra storage for more banana boxes. Even worse, this model’s hood doesn’t open at all. As pointed out in the video, there’s a tiny place to insert washer fluid at the front of the vehicle. That’s all owners can do with the gigantic hood. It looks massive but serves no purpose and is completely unutilized for storage.

Most likely, a frunk would easily add 8 to 10 more boxes of bananas. It seems like a complete miss to not allow the hood to open for any reason. We’re not sure what’s under there, as it is an electric vehicle. Most EVs use a frunk because nothing else needs to be under the hood, so tell us what’s under there, BMW!

BMW iX SUV: Cargo space

According to Car and Driver, the BMW iX has 77.9 cubic feet of space behind the front row. So with all the seats folded down to maximize cargo space, owners can fit 77.9 cubic feet of cargo inside. Additionally, there is 35.5 cubic feet of space available without folding the seats down. Although according to Bjorn in the video, the shape of the liftgate opening and some of the trim pieces are detrimental.

Unfortunately, the shape of boxes of bananas doesn’t bode well with the curves and angles of the BMW iX trunk. However, other cargo might fit a bit better inside. Regardless, the BMW iX performed well in the banana box test and even made it to the top half of Bjorn’s list of results.

The BMW iX SUV can fit many boxes of bananas inside

In conclusion, the BMW iX SUV passed the banana box test with flying colors. Of the more than 25 vehicles tested, the iX placed eighth overall. Despite its solid number of 25 boxes of bananas with the seats folded down, its trunk alone only fits eight boxes, which is about average. However, it doesn’t come close to competing with models like the Nio ES8 6 Seater, which fits 16 boxes in its trunk. That’s how many boxes of bananas fit inside the BMW iX SUV.


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