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The Lucid Air, with its trims like the Dream and Touring, are smashing electric vehicle (EV) records on its uphill climb to dethrone the accomplished Tesla Model S. Recently, the four-door electric sedan set a blistering time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. That performance earned it the number one spot on the Goodwood production car leaderboard for 2022. Still, the news keeps favoring the EV, with its status of MotorTrend’s Car of the Year for 2022. 

What is the MotorTrend Car of the Year for 2022?

The 2022 MotorTrend Car of the Year is the Lucid Air. The Air, a large electric sedan, is the subtly-styled EV flagship of the still-startup Lucid. In addition to sharp exterior styling, the Air Dream R Edition features an estimated industry-leading 520 miles of electric range. Although, if the R Edition’s range doesn’t charge your batteries, the Dream P Edition sports 1,111 horsepower.

The Lucid Air is MotorTrend's Car of the Year for 2022
Lucid Air | Aric Crabb, Bay Area News via Getty Images

The reviewers attribute the award not just to the EV sedan’s monster numbers but also to its structural sophistication. According to MotorTrend, Lucid manufactures the Air with space-saving and efficient engineering. For instance, the EV’s 900-volt bi-directional electrical system allows “jump charging” for other EVs and facilitates 300kW charging. That charging setup makes the Lucid Air the fastest charging EV of 2022 so far.  

How much does a 2022 Lucid Air cost?

The 2022 Lucid Air starts at $89,050 and increases with higher trim levels, like the Dream R edition and the Touring. According to Car and Driver, the Touring trim will set you back a starting price of $109,050. If you want more luxury in your Lucid Air, the Grand Touring and Grand Touring Performance go for $155,650 and $180,650, respectively. Finally, if you want the highest-horsepower option, the Dream P Edition will set you back a starting price of $170,500. 

The Lucid Air is the Car of the Year, and for good reason.
A Lucid Air | Lucid

Is the 2022 Lucid Air better than a 2022 Tesla Model S?

The Tesla Model S is a well-established staple of the EV sedan market, offering everything from a used car market to hilariously fast Plaid trim. However, Lucid’s approach to over-engineering everything from small differentials in the motor rotors to the smaller, lighter motors themselves could prove revolutionary. The vehicles aren’t too far off from one another in terms of entry-level pricing, either. However, to get the Tesla Model S Plaid, the highest performance Model S, you’ll spend about $35,000 less than the Dream P Edition.  

The Lucid Air shows off its front end.
Lucid Air | Mark Kauzlarich, Bloomberg via Getty Images

1 EV Loses Value Like No Other

Is the Lucid worth buying?

Even with the expensive price tags on most of the Lucid Air trims, the vehicles’ construction is brilliantly engineered and executed compared to most EVs on the market. Also, MotorTrend finds the Air worthy of the Car of the Year award, ahead of more established EVs. Still, Lucid is in its relative infancy as a company, and there’s a lot of ground to cover.

However, MotorTrend is quick to compare Lucid and Tesla when it was in its infancy. There is a chance that Lucid may impact the automotive industry as profoundly as did Tesla. Scroll down to the following article to read about how the Air took on Goodwood!