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Tesla no longer operates without competition from other electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers. Companies like Lucid, Audi, and Volvo consistently challenge Tesla’s dominance in the segment. However, the automaker’s EVs are still revolutionary, from safety to range to charging architecture. In fact, four of the fastest charging electric cars on the market are Tesla products. 

Is the Tesla Model 3 one of the fastest charging electric cars?

The Tesla Model 3 brings the ‘T’ badge into people’s garages for considerably less than a Model S, but that doesn’t mean compromise. The Model 3 Long Range will cover nearly 360 miles on a single charge; recovering some of that charge is brisk business. Using a 250-kilowatt charging capability and optimal conditions, the Model 3 can store 175 miles of range in just 15 minutes. 

The Tesla Model 3 and Long Range edition, here in black, is one of the fastest charging electric cars on the road.
A black Tesla Model 3 on a black background | Tesla

The Tesla Model Y is one of the fastest charging EVs on the market

Tesla’s entry-level crossover offers the same 250-kilowatt charging architecture as the much pricier Tesla Model X. The Model Y will add 162 miles to its driving range with just 15 minutes of charging, making it one of the fastest charging electric cars. Also, that timeframe compliments the already-practical 330-mile range.  

How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model S?

The now-industry-wide fame of the Model S extends past its wild performance to its charging speed. Using Tesla’s supercharger architecture, owners can gain 200 miles of driving range in just 15 minutes. That would be the most impressive thing about the car if the Plaid edition didn’t offer a sprint to sixty in less than 2 seconds. It is beyond ludicrous. 

The Tesla Model S, pictured here in red, offers long range and is one of the fastest charging electric cars
A red Tesla Model S | John Keeble, Getty Images

Is the Tesla Model X one of the fastest charging electric cars?

At the lumpy summit of the Tesla EV lineup, the Model X is quite a financial commitment. If you really want to flex on your wealthy compatriots, the nearly $140,000 Model X Plaid will certainly help. However, if you’re going to flex your driving range, the Model X can also cover you there. 

Tesla says a Model X will cover nearly 348 miles on a single charge. Also, if you’re looking to charge up quickly and get back on the road, the Model X offers Tesla’s 250-kilowatt charging capability. The ability to add 175 miles to the heavy EV’s driving range in just 15 minutes is pretty practical. 

The entire 2022 Tesla lineup is on the U.S. News list of fastest charging electric cars

Tesla’s full Model S, 3, X, and Y lineup secured spots on U.S. News’ list of the fastest charging electric cars. The company’s EV offerings are high-range, quick-charging, and at the upper trims, hilariously fast. However, even if speed isn’t in your new car considerations, the ability to charge nearly 200 miles of driving range in 20 minutes or less is valuable. 

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