The Keystone Montana 3231CK Is the Goldilocks of Towable RVs

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people travel, creating a surge in RV sales. Campers are more popular than ever as hoards of Americans take to the roadways in search of adventure. 

To meet the growing demand, manufacturers are getting creative with floor plans and interior design. Recreational vehicles come in all sizes. You can find small, lightweight travel trailers to enormous 42-foot luxury fifth wheels.

Keystone RV Company hit the sweet spot with its Montana 3231CK. Consumers find the new model to be just right in many regards, making it the Goldilocks of towable RVs.

The Keystone Montana 3231CK

Fifth-wheel recreational vehicles continue to increase in size and living features. Full-time travelers are growing in record numbers, and the industry is doing its best to adapt to the changing trend.

Full-size appliances, larger bathrooms, fireplaces, and big-screen TVs are becoming the norm. Space is now at a premium, as industry leaders create innovative ideas to give consumers what they want. It used to be that 430 square feet was the maximum space allotted for an RV, but manufacturers are now pushing that limit to pack more amenities into luxury models.

Straying from the behemoth models, Keystone RV Company found its place between smaller campers and high-end luxury fifth wheels. The Goshen, Indiana-based company found a way to create space without sacrificing desirable features.

The new Montana trailer impresses the folks at RV Business. In fact, the Keystone Montana 3231CK earned a spot in “RVB’s Top 10 RVs of the Year.” The unique design, impressive use of space, and cargo-carrying capacity help this model stand out among its competitors.

Keystone product manager Sam Lengerich told RV Business that one of the company’s goals was to “create something exciting, innovative, and unique in a 37-foot floorplan.” They succeeded with the Montana 3231CK.

Take a look inside this travel trailer

Designers focused on creating a whole new kitchen layout in the Keystone Montana 3231CK. They added counter space, included more storage options on the kitchen island, and used a large window to allow daylight into the open area. An expansive cabinet above the microwave, along with a fully functional extended countertop, creates an abundance of space atypical for a fifth-wheel RV.

Lengerich explained they looked at diesel pushers produced by sister company Thor Motor Coach. They found the inspiration needed to create ample storage to meet the needs of today’s travelers.

The bathroom also has plenty of space, not found in most other RVs of this size. Expect dual under-mounted vanity sinks and two medicine cabinets.

The interior design follows the growing trend of lighter, brighter colors. The farmhouse-inspired look offers plenty of large windows to illuminate the living space with natural light.

Other upgrades to this model include Coleman-Mach Power-Saver air conditioners, a three-camera Furrion security system, and factory-installed Solar Flex packages. Heavier leaf springs and thicker axle tubes complement the self-adjusting brakes.

 The Goldilocks of towable RVs


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Keystone realized consumers were looking for a happy medium between a small towable and larger fifth wheel. The 2021 Montana 3231CK nicely meets that need. For those looking to step up from a smaller trailer but not wanting to commit to a massive 40-foot travel trailer, this model is an ideal option.

Measuring 37.5 feet long, this RV is easy to maneuver through the tight byways of crowded campgrounds and allows for a more enjoyable towing experience. It weighs 12,995 pounds unloaded and retails for $83,573.

Despite its midsize length, there’s plenty of pass-through storage space accessible by large baggage doors. Lengerich explains that the 3231CK offers more exterior storage space than any other Keystone Montana model.