This Custom Winnebago RV Is A Cozy Cabin on Wheels

For many people, the ultimate level of relaxing means a cozy cabin in the mountains. Travel enthusiasts love the ease and convenience of traveling with an RV. You have complete control over your own schedule without stressing about missing flights or scheduling hotel stays. If you want the best of both worlds, this nostalgic Winnebago you can travel around in a classically styled log-cabin-designed RV.

The ease of traveling

There are a lot of benefits to taking your worldly adventure in an RV. You can pack as much as you need and skip the hassle of packing and unpacking stuff in the hotel room. Add in the additional charm of this antique Winnebago. It might not look like much from the outside, but we think that’s what makes the custom RV look so unique.

1972 Winnebago Custom RV | Barrett Jackson

A comfy cabin Winnebago

Stepping inside of this unique Winnebago and you might forget you’re in an RV altogether. The interior walls are lined with hand-crafted cedar panels to make it look as authentic as possible. The old theatre seating was reupholstered to match the homey plaid front bucket seats, tying the interior together to make it feel like a true home away from home.

1972 Winnebago Custom RV | Barrett Jackson

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A little bit of re-engineering

There is a lot more to this patina-clad antique Winnebago than just some well-designed interior. The lowering of the Winnebago not only makes it looks better from the outside, but it also helps keep the center of gravity low to improve the handling experience while turning. A lowered suspension wasn’t the only enhancement that this spunky vehicle got.

This custom Winnebago was powered by a comfortable Mopar-built V8, and while it isn’t as fast as the world’s fastest shed, it is still comfortable. The V8 sound is only enhanced by custom Sanderson headers and dual exhaust. You can cruise along casually an enjoy the smooth automatic transmission whether you’re on a weekend getaway or cross-country road trip.

1972 Winnebago Custom RV | Barrett Jackson

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This custom 1972 Winnebago is a true inspiration for mountain lovers and cabin enthusiasts everywhere. While some people might opt for the latest, most luxurious models with faux granite countertops, this cozy cabin on wheels is a true dream. Except for a warm fireplace, this RV has everything you could want, whether you’re traveling through the mounting or down a coastal highway.