The Jeep Renegade Is More Capable Than You Think

Would you look at the Jeep Renegade? With its cute little round Jeep headlights and grille? This compact SUV is adorable. But what good is adorable for a fierce brand like Jeep? Because Jeep Renegades are on Fiat bodies, they often don’t receive much respect. However, they’re still Jeeps. So, despite it looks, can the Jeep Renegade go off-roading? 

How The Jeep Renegade Compares For Off-Roading 

Looks can be deceiving because this cute little Jeep is making big waves in the off-roading community for its abilities as a compact SUV. 

With an 8.7” ground clearance, the Jeep Renegade sits up a little higher than competitive models such as the RAV4 or HondaCR-V. But then it surpasses them with an approach angle of 35.5 degrees, 27.5-degree departure angle, and 34.3-degree decent angle.

Jeep Rengade

These angles make the Renegade more than capable of handling obstacles and steep terrains. Plus, with the high air intake system, the Trailhawk Renegade can play in the water with the ability to navigate streams up to 19” deep. 

The Active Jeep Drive Low feature, which is exclusive to the Trailhawk model, also provides a 20:1 crawl ratio for superior traction. You won’t slip aside from falling in love with your Renegade. 

The Tigershark 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine pumps out 180 horsepower with 210 lb-torque. Now we would like to see a little more honestly, but this keeps the Renegade competitive with options like the CR-V that can’t confidently handle the beaten track.  

As you go over logs and rocks or whatever else may be in the way, you can do so confidently by knowing that your Renegade’s skid plates are protecting the undercarriage.

Also, the front strut suspension and rear multi-link suspension provide comfort over various bumps and obstacles that you may come across.  

Jeep Renegade Off-Roading Tech 

The Jeep Renegade Trailhawk model features a selec-Terrain Traction Management system to optimize engine and drivetrain systems while adjusting to different environments. There are snow, mud, sand, and an exclusive rock mode available. 

You can leave the system on auto or conveniently turn the knob to select the drive mode you need to use in a matter of seconds. 

The Hill Descent Control also helps you slowly crawl back down to safety by monitoring throttle, speed, and braking. The brakes will automatically be applied for a smooth and comfortable descent. 

Also, just because this is an off-roading vehicle, that doesn’t mean it lacks in advanced technology. The Uconnect system can connect with both Andriod Auto and Apple Car Play to get your trip off to a rocking start. 

Before your adventure, you can use Alexa to ask if your Jeep is ready to go or not. You can ask about fuel levels, send destinations to get directions and start the engine by simply telling Alexa too. 

The available Vehicle Remote Start feature also gives you the ability to start your engine with a single touch of a button on your smartwatch. This gives you the power to go ahead and heat up your Renegade on a cold day or cool it off on a hot one. 

Plus, don’t worry about getting lost. The 7” display that’s located behind the steering wheel has integrated Wifi to keep you connected both on and off the map. View your speed and navigation in a matter of seconds as you remain concentrated on the road. 

So, not only can the cute Jeep Renegade hang with other off-roading vehicles on a variety of trails, but it does so in style. It has incredible off-roading specs and tech to keep you adventuring with confidence and convenience.