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The Toyota Sequoia is one of the longest-lasting SUVs on the road today. Saving with a used Toyota Sequoia is a great way to invest in a dependable SUV that will give you years of quality on the road for work and play. Check out which used Sequoia models are the best. 

The best used Toyota Sequoia model years 

2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro off-roading in the woods
2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro | Toyota

Used Toyota Sequoia models are extremely dependable SUVs because they have a quality build with an excellent suspension system. Originally the Toyota Sequoia was released to provide variety against the infamous Toyota Land Cruiser. 

While the Land Cruiser offered luxury and the ability to crawl over rocks, the Toyota Sequoia became an off-roading icon. Only it incorporated the power and ability to haul trailers as well. Because the Sequoia is manufactured with quality parts, they are easy to work on to keep them running in top shape for years to come. 

Consider 2004 – 2007 used Sequoia models 

If you have about $5,000 to $12,000 to invest in an off-roader, check out the 2004 – 2007 used Toyota Sequoia models. They are part of the first generation of Sequoias that were released. 

Despite being introduced in 2000, it wasn’t until 2004 that the Toyota Sequoia was upgraded to provide a little more space in the third row and got more power. In 2004 the Sequoia came with a 4.7 V8 engine with 282 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. Sequoia models from these years can tow about 6,200 lb. 

From 2004 – 2007, even the base model Toyota Sequoias came with large leather seats, a DVD player, and more. All the bells and whistles for comfort, towing, off-roading, and more are included. 

2008 – 2012 Sequoia years are good

If you have a little more to spend, depending on your area, you can find used Toyota Sequoia models from around $11k to $30k. We know that’s a broad price range, but the Sequoia got a lot of updates during these years. 

The 2008 Toyota Sequoia was loosely based on the Tundra and got serious off-roading upgrades, including a double-wishbone suspension. The rear suspension had coils and Toyota’s partial C-channel frame. This was also when the Sequoia got larger, with four extra inches added to the wheelbase.  

In 2010 the Sequoia gained a new 4.8-liter engine that pumps out 310 horsepower. In 2012, the Sequoia gained trailer sway control to enhance towing and advanced safety features like blind-spot monitoring. 

The 2016 Sequoia is great

A 2016 Toyota Sequoia parked in the city
2016 Toyota Sequoia | Toyota

In recent years, the 2016 Toyota Sequoia received a ton of upgrades. Depending on your area, you can find a used model from $25k to  $36k. It has a reliable 5.7-liter V8 engine that offers 381 horsepower. This Sequoia can tow up to 7,400 lb, and it’s a powerhouse. 

This used Toyota Sequoia also got tech updates such as driving modes for mud, snow, rocks, and more. It also has the rearview backup camera, which is displayed on the 6.1″ infotainment center. It has an auxiliary port and multiple USB ports to keep your favorite devices charged. 

The 2016 Toyota Sequoia is known for having a luxurious interior with two-toned soft-touch leather materials and board leather seats.

Enjoy the panoramic moonroof to connect with nature. Also, this model has positive reviews for having a smooth, comfortable ride. It’s a great way to save on Sequoia power and luxury without having to spend $50k on the 2020 model.