The Toyota Sequoia Is the Most Dependable Used SUV

Do you know what you still see on the roads today? Used Toyota Sequoias. Somehow this SUV has found the key to lasting longer. The Toyota Sequoia ranks at 7.35% as one of the most popular vehicles that’s still in use after 200,000 miles. What’s the secret to the Sequoia’s youth?!

How Sequoias Out Last Other SUVs 

Over the last decade, automakers have emphasized producing vehicles with better quality to last longer on the roads. This is something consumers are very interested in as the price of vehicles continues to climb. 

Now the way cars are seen has changed. They used to be avoided if they got close to 200k miles, but currently used vehicles are listed with more than 200k miles. Some aren’t even for sale, and they’re still chugging along on the pavement just fine. 

Toyota Sequoia

A study by was used to determine which vehicles are lasting the longest by analyzing over 13.5 million used cars that sold in 2017. 

Based on their findings, the large Sequoia SUV scored big by being 5.5% ahead of all other vehicles on their list. The Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Surburban were other notable SUVs to make the list.

Upon doing a personal search to find Toyota Sequoias near me, I typed in “Used Toyota Sequoia 2007.”

The year was picked at random and found thousands of results for Sequoias between 183 – 215k miles ranging in price from $8k to $12k. Most of which only listed two previous owners.

So, Why Do Sequoias Last So Long? 


The Sequoia’s size might have something to do with its longevity. It’s no secret that this SUV is massive. It even has the option for a 3rd row of seats to fit the entire family. The 3rd row of seats are spacious enough for adults and also recline. 

Sequoias also often have the necessary power for hauling large families and their campers or boats too. 

Used Toyota Sequoia

For example, the 2008 Sequoia has two engine options. There’s the 4.7-Liter V8 and the 5.7-Liter V8. If you want more savings, go with the 4.7-L, and if you want to floor it only to have your head smack the driver’s seat, go with the 5.7-L.

Boat owners personally enjoy the 5.1-L V8 as it pumps out 381 hp and 401 pound-feet of torque. The 2008 Sequoia also has a nimble turning radius with a tight-39 foot turning circle. 


Safety is the second clue to the Sequoia’s longevity. The Sequoia also comes with large disc brakes and a brake assist system that helps the 6,000-pound behemoth quickly stop in time for red lights. All of the 2008 Sequoia models perform great in the snow with the ability to lock the center differential in Hi 4 and 4 Lo for more flexibility. 

The National Traffic Highway Safety Institute gave the 2008 Sequoia five stars for the ability to protect the driver in front-impact collisions. Passenger safety is rated at four stars, and all three rows of seats have airbags. Plus, the Sequoia has a four-star safety rating in the event of a rollover. This is impressive for such a large, heavy, and older vehicle. 

Comfort And Tech 

Older Sequoia models were also pretty advanced by being outfitted with modern features people were looking for. Earlier models have built-in DVD players for kids to enjoy, keyless entry, a backup camera, and more. 

The big leather seats provide space and comfort for each passenger as well. The second row of seats is even heated while the front seats are climate-controlled. 

This massive, safe SUV was ahead of its time. It’s outfitted with safety and luxury standards that people still want today. That could be why Sequoias are outlasting other larger vehicles on the road.