The Best Three-Year-Old Used Cars Under $30,000

Buying a used car can be easier on your wallet and is an overall smart move. Often times, consumers can find low-mileage, reliable vehicles without the hefty MSRP price tag. For those of you considering a new-to-you, used car in the near future, keep reading. We set out to find the best three-year-old used cars on the market. You might be shocked to see just which vehicles you can buy today for less than $30,000.

How to judge which used car is best

Every car buying motive is different, and consumer preferences will make a difference in what is considered ‘the best.’ For our roster, we sided with a recent article and study from These vehicles are considered the best because of their ability to retain value over time and long-term reliability overall. Another prerequisite for this list is the vehicle’s average safety rating with the National Highway Transit Safety Administration. Each vehicle below scored at least four out of five stars.

Best used pickups

2019 Toyota Tacoma Sport
2019 Toyota Tacoma Sport | Toyota

There are two trucks you may want to look for in your quest for the best in used models. The Chevrolet Silverado 1500, within the last three years, can be purchased for $29,535. You can also buy Toyota’s Tacoma. This great performing truck will only set you back about $28,296. Find either of these models for 2016-2019 for the best value.

Best used SUVs

If you’re looking for a used SUV, there are two worth considering. The Toyota Highlander is a performance-meets-luxury marriage you might love. It boasts some of the best in reviews, and some of the 2017-2018 models can be purchased for around $28,000. If you’re really looking for a deal, find a two or three-year-old Honda CR-V. These little SUVs are super reliable and loaded with must-have features. You can find one for around $20,000.

Best used luxury cars

Luxury sedan fans, you’re in luck. Two cars landed on this best-of list that you simply must drive for yourself. The Lexus ES 350 can be bought used for around $26,000. Sit in a two or three-year-old BMW 3 Series and fall in love for about $23,000.

Best used minivans

Hauling an entourage or soccer team regularly? You might need a reliable, used minivan. We suggest finding a 2016-2019 model Toyota Sienna to start. You can fit all the passengers and enjoy plenty of tech, cargo, and comfort for $25,043. The ever-popular Honda Odyssey probably isn’t a surprise candidate on this best-of list either. Believe it or not, you can find an Odyssey with a couple of years on it and a few miles, for about $24,000.

Best used sports car


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For those of you who prefer performance, handling, and rumbling from under the hood, there’s a car on this list for you too. The Ford Mustang is available used, within the last three years for around $23,000.

The fine print considerations

Of course, with each of these cars, the pricing ranges can vary based on trim levels and engine configurations. You’ll also want to note, too, that mileage and individual vehicle history should weigh in on your decision as well. If you can take advantage of a certified used warranty, or transferrable factory warranty (powertrain), do so. Buying used from an individual may also warrant pulling a vehicle history report.

Buying a used car doesn’t mean you have to compromise. Shave off a few years and thousands of dollars at the same time. In your quest to find the best vehicle for you and your family, maybe take a look at those that landed on this best-of list. You’ll find the trifecta of value, reliability, and safety with all of them.