4 Cool Used Station Wagons for Less than $30,000

Station wagons may not be cool, but they’re among the most utilitarian vehicles available. At least, they used to be available. Station wagons have fallen distinctly out of mainstream favor in the last decade, seeing even the iconic hatchback Prius drop its station-wagon shape for a more sedan-like style over the past few years. For wagon-lovers out there, the best options are either outside a practical price range or something we look for in well-stocked used car lots.

Fortunately, you can still get that long station design you know and love. The key is to know how to spot a station wagon by any other name. Recently, our friends at Autotrader pointed out four great models of station wagon recent models that can be bought gently used for less than $30,000. Whether you’re hunting for the right car for yourself or a family member, one of the following four station wagons could be the key to years of happy utility-oriented driving.

Dodge Magnum SRT8

2008 Dodge Magnum
2008 Dodge Magnum | Dodge

Dodge does not officially call the Magnum SRT8 a station wagon but if you look closely, you will find all the necessary features are there. It is long, cargo-ready, and features a handy hatch-back with fold-down seats just in case you need to bring an entire bookcase home intact. The Magnum SRT8 is also one heavy-duty station wagon.

This wagon has a hauling capacity of nearly 75 cubic feet of cargo or room for five people plus 27 cubic feet of cargo space. It features ao 425-hp 6.1 lister Hemi V8 engine. According to Car and Driver, this car hits 0 to 60 in 5.1 seconds which is one heck of a punch for a non-traditional wagon.

Most importantly, the Dodge Magnum SRT8 shakes out to about $22,000 bought used in good condition making this an excellent investment for lovers of heavy-duty station wagons everywhere.

Buick Regal TourX

Buick Regal Tour X
The Buick Regal Tour X | TalismanPHOTO for Buick

With a more traditional station-wagon design, the Regal TourX features the best of several previous car designs with quite a flattering price when bought used in great condition. According to AutoTrader, the original Regal Sportback was really a European Opel and raised suspension. It was redesigned for state-side sales back when Buick temporarily owned the Opel design. Buick then did us a real favor by turning this great car into the TourX wagon design for all station wagon lovers out there who want a sleek high-end wagon for a surprisingly low price.

The Regal TourX features a 250 hp 2.0-liter turbo four-drive and 74 cubic feet of storage space with the rear seat folded down. It also happens to feature an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Combine this with the fact that sold used they are usually found below the $30,000 mark makes the Buick Regal TourX a great choice for a high-quality used wagon.

Acura TSX Sport Wagon

2014 Acura TSX Sport Wagon
2014 Acura TSX Sport Wagon | Acura

Originally based on the European Honda Accord, the Acura TSX Sport Wagon is another great used station wagon offering. Honda has been making 5-door wagons for some time and branched the concept out to it’s child-company, Accura, to produce this sleek modern-style wagon. The TSX Sport Wagon gives one the subtle impression of an SUV rather than a classic station wagon while still sporting the lighter weight and more tight-fit-friendly design of a station wagon.

The TSX Sport Wagon features a 201 hp with a 2.4 liter with a more modest 60 cubic feet of storage space without passengers. In production for just three years between 2011 and 2014, the used models of this great wagon are now almost universally sold below $20,000 with a surprisingly low number of miles on most used models.

Mercedes-Benz E350

Last but certainly not least is the Mercedes-Benz E350 which takes a modernistic swing on the classic station wagon design. The E50 has all-wheel drive. These vehicles were produced between the years of 2011 and 2016 were a hit with the wagon crowd but have since faded into the admirably affordable price range below $30,000 for a used but well-kept E350.

The E350 features a 302 hp V6 engine with direct injection. It is described as spacious but exact cubic feet of cargo is unclear. This wagon is definitely one way to travel with style for a surprisingly low used vehicle price. Especially considering that they once commanded over $70,000 when new.