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Tesla has dominated the electric car market for well over a decade, with little to no noteworthy competition from legacy automakers. However, as we head into 2024, major marques are well invested in challenging Tesla’s dominance. Moreover, recent rumors have suggested that the Bavarian brand may partner with Tesla to produce a future “Tesla x BMW” EV. Still, will Bimmers take on Elon Musk’s lineup of electric vehicles (EVs) in the future?

Is Tesla working with BMW?

A BMW i4 EV drives across a highway bridge.
BMW i4 | BMW

Currently, there are no official statements from either brand confirming a Tesla x BMW collaboration. However, Tesla will reportedly open many charging stations to competing brands. Still, that’s as close as the EV marque has come to a new inter-brand collaboration. 

That said, rumors have circulated about a collaboration EV that will undercut the Model 3’s starting price and target European-market EVs like the Volkswagen ID.3. Of course, Elon Musk and the powers-that-be at the California company have been vocal about introducing a low-cost EV to come in under the Model 3’s starting point. However, instead of a collaboration model, the new entry-level EV in the marque’s lineup will likely be the Model 2. Unfortunately for Musk’s cheeky lineup, a Model 2 would disrupt the “S3XY” naming scheme. 

Is a BMW more expensive than a Tesla?

Across the brands’ lineups, BMW’s EVs tend to be more expensive than comparable Tesla models. Specifically, the brand says the entry-level Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive starts at under $30,000 with a $7,500 federal tax incentive. 

BMW EV modelStarting price (entry-level)Maximum range
i4$53,195307 miles
i5$67,795295 miles
i7$106,695321 miles
iX$88,095324 miles

However, the Model S is spendier than the i5, the brand’s all-electric take on the popular 5 Series. For instance, the top-trim Model S Plaid starts at around $89,990, around $4,900 more than an i5 M60.

What is the price of a Tesla car?

A white Tesla Model 3 EV parks under an overhead light.
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

Tesla’s current mass production options live and die with the Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. However, even with just four models, the EVs can range from $38,990 for the Model 3 to $94,990 for the Model X Plaid. 

Tesla modelStarting price (entry-level)Maximum range
Model 3$38,990333 miles
Model Y$43,990330 miles
Model S$74,990405 miles
Model X$79,990348 miles

Still, the electric car brand is quick to point out that the combined fuel savings and $7,500 federal tax credit can drop the Model 3’s starting price to sub-$30,000 levels.

What’s better, Tesla or BMW?


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BMW’s North American model lineup is still more gas-powered than it is electrified, a stark difference from Tesla. For drivers seeking engaging, luxe performance sedans, BMW wrote the book. However, when it comes to EVs, Tesla’s models are comparably priced, albeit with much longer single-charge ranges. 

Moreover, for those seeking boulevard bragging rights, the Model S Plaid is one of the quickest cars on the market, full stop. There simply isn’t anything in BMW’s current lineup that will outpace the dual-motor Plaid.

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