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Tesla outsold its closest electric vehicle (EV) American market competition by nearly eight times in Q1 2023. The automaker’s electric segment dominance is that much more evident when you consider the latest data about the “most-driven” EVs of the last three years; Tesla holds the top four spots. As a result, the entire Tesla lineup of the Model X, Y, 3, and S are the most driven EVs on the market. 

The Tesla Model X leads the pack with the most average annual mileage of any EV

In an average annual mileage study, the Tesla Model X took the No. 1 EV spot. According to iSeeCars, American Model X drivers cover around 10,378 miles annually. 

  • Model X: 10,378 miles
  • Model Y: 10,199 miles
  • Model 3: 9,960 miles
  • Model S: 9,340 miles
The largest vehicle in the Tesla lineup, the Model X, cruises a highway.
Model X | Tesla

As a result, Model X owners typically drive around 1,319 miles further than the national average for EVs. Moreover, the Tesla Model X covered more miles than its siblings; the closest T-badged electric vehicle to the X was the more affordable Model Y, with 10,199 miles. 

Surprisingly, the most affordable vehicle in the automaker’s lineup, the Tesla Model 3, showed fewer miles over the last three years than its pricier SUV counterparts, the Model Y and X. Model 3 drivers drove an average of 9,960 miles yearly.

How many miles can a Tesla Model X go on one charge?

According to EPA estimates, Tesla Model Xs from the last three years cover an average of 341 miles on a single charge. That puts the X ahead of the closest two Tesla models, the Model 3 and Model Y. However, the Tesla Model S has the longest range, with an average of 378 miles on a single charge. 

How many miles does the average Tesla driver drive a year?

Between the four mass-produced Tesla models, drivers average around 9,969 miles annually. While that is much more than the typical American EV driver, it’s behind the average for a conventional ICE vehicle. 

However, iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer says Tesla drivers’ distance trends are much closer to conventional owners than other EVs. “Tesla drivers come the closest to matching the driving behavior of traditional car owners,” Brauer said about the data. “Without Tesla, the average miles per year for EV drivers would drop from 9,059 to 6,719.” It’s evident that Tesla is still the major player to challenge in the EV space. However, with notable up-and-comers like Lucid and legacy automakers putting more effort into electrification, Tesla’s dominance will likely shrink over time. 

A red Tesla Model S blasts across a slick surface.
Model S | Tesla

Is 10k miles a year a lot?

Believe it or not, 10,000 miles per year isn’t even the average for the typical American car owner. On average, driving-age American car owners drove around 12,758 miles in their ICE vehicles in the past three years, per iSeeCars.

As a result, the American-market EV covers around 29% less annual mileage than conventional ICE cars. However, as ranges and EV popularity increase, that gap will almost certainly shrink.


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