Tesla Sells Out of “Cyberwhistle” In Under 2 Hours-Cyber What?

Tesla founder Elon Musk is at it again. This time he’s conjured up a whistle that looks like his Cybertruck. It is just one of many trinkets and trash expected as it gets closer to actual Cybertruck production. And just in time for Christmas, too. But if you want one it’s already too late.

Launched yesterday, it sold out in under two hours. With over 1.2 million pre-orders already for the Cybertruck, any Cyberwhistle production under a million would have sold out fairly quickly. We don’t know how many Tesla made, but it said this was a limited edition whistle. 

Tesla’s Cyberwhistle was a cool $50

The Tesla Cybertruck Cyberwhistle | Tesla

But we do know how much it cost; $50. But it’s not made from just any stainless steel, it’s “medical-grade” stainless steel. That means it is low on carbon and manganese, making it higher-quality stainless steel. For $50, it had to be something with higher quality materials, right? Tesla even says it’s a “premium collectible” so there’s that. 

Anyway, Musk tweeted, “Don’t waste your money on that silly Apple Cloth, buy our whistle instead!” That’s a swipe at Apple’s $19 polishing cloth for keeping Apple stuff clean. Apple actually ran out of the piece of cloth, and there was a 12-week backorder for them. 

The Cyberwhistle and the Cybersquad

There is surely more to come in the way of Cybertruck-related stuff. Tesla recently filed a trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for “Cybersquad,” according to Teslarati. The patent is for games, toys, sporting goods, and clothing. We expect that the trademark will also take in the CyberATV, or whatever Tesla is calling the ATV unveiled with the Cybertruck. It has already announced it is making them commercially.

These forthcoming Cybersquad products will make loads of money for Tesla, but they also serve another function. They keep up the hype and help to extend the interest in everything Cybertruck, while everyone waits for production to begin. Don’t forget, it has been more than two years since that November unveiling. 

Cybertruck pre-orders have topped 1.2 million

The Tesla Cybertruck is on display.
The Tesla Cybertruck | Getty

People Are Losing Their S**t Over Tesla Cybertruck

But while those who have put down $100 to pre-order the Cybertruck wait, Tesla keeps taking in those $100 deposits. It has already received 1.2 million in pre-orders. And that must certainly be going toward Cybertruck development. 

It is expected that Tesla will announce production schedules for its vehicles soon. So we should have an approximate timeline for Cybertruck assembly and deliveries. It will be manufactured at the Giga Texas plant, which is also where the Model Y is manufactured.