A Tesla Fan Created a ‘Plybertruck’ Wood Version of a Cybertruck

With its unique angular design, the Tesla Cybertruck has earned its fair share of controversy. People are divided over it. Some people deride and ridicule the distinctive look of the Cybertruck, while others love it. If you’re in the latter camp and are anxious to experience the Cybertruck for yourself, you deserve some empathy. The Cybertruck is plagued by production delays, and its release keeps getting pushed back. However, this didn’t dampen the spirits of one Tesla fan. He took matters into his own hands and created what he calls the “Plybertruck,” a wood version of the Cybertruck.

‘Plybertruck’: Do-it-yourself wood version of a Tesla Cybertruck with an Acura MDX body

Plybertruck with the sunset in the background
Plybertruck | Plybertruck/Facebook

A Tesla enthusiast named CJ Cromwell displayed his do-it-yourself abilities and passion for the Cybertruck by creating the Plybertruck, as detailed by EVANNEX. It has the body of a first-generation Acura MDX. On top of the body of MDX, Cromwell attached wood panels to create a wood replica of the Cybertruck. Online commentators gave amusing alternate names for the Plybertruck, such as Model Tree, Cyberchuck, and Cedartruck. 

Cromwell has a dedicated Facebook page that’s devoted to the Plybertruck. In addition to many photos of the Plybertruck, the page shows the wood truck in action. Posts include hauling a mattress with the Plybertruck, outfitting it with new features, coating it with wood sealant, and racing it. Another post features a photo of cruising around with Ruger the dog, the official sidekick of the Plybertruck. 

The ‘Plybertruck’ will compete in the zany Gambler 500 rally

Plybertruck driving on a dirt road
Plybertruck | Plybertruck/Facebook

Cromwell built the Plybertruck to race it in the zany Gambler 500 rally, an annual event in Oregon. Started in 2014, the Gambler 500 is a 500-mile off-road rally with home-built vehicles. The event has an eclectic mix of unusual cars. The Gambler 500 is also fun-loving, with the organizers calling it “the calling card for cheap fun everywhere.”

One of the requirements of the Gambler 500 is that the vehicles that race in the rally should cost no more than $500. Given that the Plybertruck has the body of an old first-generation MDX body, it should meet this requirement.

Plybertruck parked in front of a diner
Plybertruck | Plybertruck/Facebook

The Gambler 500 also has an altruistic element. When racing on the course, participants are encouraged to remove abandoned cars and pick up garbage. Beyond the annual rally, the Gambler 500 has expanded into a movement around the world for eco-minded automotive excursions. The founders of the Gambler 500 have permitted anyone to organize events using the Gambler brand. This is allowed as long as the participants in the Gambler events embrace the mission of cheap outdoor fun and environmental stewardship.

When will the real Tesla Cybertruck be available?


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While an amusing and ambitious endeavor, a do-it-yourself vehicle like the Plybertruck won’t satisfy most people who are waiting for the arrival of the Cybertruck. Tesla hasn’t provided an official release date. However, with the multiple production delays, the Cybertruck likely won’t be available until 2022.