Tesla Models Just Added Another Quirk That Adds Even More Personality

Tesla is known for hiding interesting features, AKA Easter eggs, for fans to discover in their cars. The whoopee cushion mode and a romantic virtual fireplace are two of the coolest. But now Tesla has outdone itself. The EV maker has added a boombox mode.

This new feature allows you to customize your horn’s sound. Yep, you can make your horn bleat like a goat or blast a famous rap lyric from Ludacris. Tesla also offers a fart noise, keeping the company totally on-brand.

Quirky Tesla features

Some whimsical features Tesla has released include the previously mentioned romance mode — where your infotainment screen turns into a fireplace while tender tunes fill your car. And whoopee cushion mode lets you designate a specific area to make fart noises, including your turn signals, MotorTrend reports.

There’s also Santa mode, where holiday music plays and lolly Saint Nick takes over your navigation screen. To go along with this, there’s Christmas mode, arguably one of the coolest. After you initiate it, you step out of your car, ensure the doors are shut, and your Tesla will produce an amazing light show, complete with the doors opening to add to the spectacle.

Then there’s Atari mode, where you can play old-school video games on your infotainment screen using your steering wheel as the controller.

And Rainbow Road mode turns the road (on your dash) into a rainbow and plays cowbells.

Finally, if you change your car’s name to “42,” the name on your home screen will change to “Life, the Universe, and Everything” as a nod to the cult classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Boombox feature

The latest fun feature from Tesla, boombox mode, lets you choose whatever sound you want your horn to make. There are a few preloaded sounds, such as that bleating goat and a round of applause. But you can add whatever custom sounds you want.

Because Tesla models sport speakers in the front so that they emit a sound to alert people to their presence, the EV maker added this mode to take advantage of the speaker.

However, this speaker was added after September 2019. So if you have an older model, you can’t use this new feature. And it will work only when the car is parked, which is probably a good thing. A round of applause would likely only confuse whomever or whatever you’re honking at. 

Tesla has helped Elon Musk become one of the world’s richest people


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Elon Musk is one of the world’s richest people. Recently, he’s been trading spots with Jeff Bezos for the wealthiest person. The BBC reported the Amazon founder’s net worth took a hit in his divorce settlement. Musk is now reported to be worth around $185 billion, and Tesla is worth more than Volkswagen, Toyota, GM, Hyundai, and Ford combined.

Musk seemed to take the news in stride. On Twitter, when a fan posted, “@elonmusk is now the richest person in the world at $190 billion,” Musk simply replied, “How strange,” and then “Well, back to work…”

You might not be Elon Musk-rich, but you can still enjoy fun Easter eggs and quirky features if you own a Tesla EV. And if the aforementioned ones don’t tickle your fancy, you can take advantage of the feature that will turn your Tesla into a submarine, James Bond style.