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The Tesla Cybertruck is in the news again, and this time it’s for its design. The Cybertruck was recently spotted. One of the things that has people talking are things on the hood that look like sensors. So what are they for and what could it mean for the Cybertruck?

A silver Tesla Cybertruck driving around a test track.
2022 Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck design seems to include some weird sensor things

The Tesla Cybertruck was just spotted with some equipment on it that isn’t easy to explain, according to InsideEvs. Of course, that’s par for the course with the Tesla Cybertruck. It hasn’t done many things that typical electric vehicles do, or trucks, and certainly not electric trucks. The Cybertruck has always been its own unique vehicle, and the equipment seen on it recently has people questioning just what Tesla could be up to now.

According to images taken by Whole Mars Catalog, the Cybertruck appears to have sensors on its hood. What could those sensors be for? No one is quite sure, but it’s possible that they could be cameras or even the replacements for the giant windshield wiper that Tesla was toying with in the past.

What could the Cybertruck’s design mean?

In addition to the sensors on the front of the Cybertruck, the Cybertruck spotted by Whole Mars Catalog has sensors in places that just don’t seem to make any sense to the average person. Who knows what they could be for? Probably Elon Musk and a few others at Tesla. Yet the rest of us will have to wait to see which sensors make it to the final product and just what they are for.

The Tesla Cybertruck was also pretty beat up. This has people wondering what Tesla is putting the Cybertruck through. Perhaps they’re testing it off-road? It’s hard to say, but the whole thing definitely heightens the intrigue surrounding the Tesla Cybertruck, which is possibly one of the most interesting things about it.

The Cybertruck was recently missing its windshield wiper

The Tesla Cybertruck was at an event at the Michigan speedway recently, and according to Inside EVs, it was missing a major feature: its massive windshield wiper blade. While the Cybertruck had been on display just a month prior with its now-signature one massive windshield wiper, its prototype at the SAE event showed no sign of the one blade.

Some people noticed that while the Tesla Cybertruck was missing its windshield wiper blade, it had the potential for the one feature Cybertruck enthusiasts have been waiting for: lasers. The idea of laser windshield wipers has been tossed around. It’s also definitely a favorite idea for many.

The Cybertruck is a vehicle that keeps people guessing. No one is quite sure how it will end up by the time it reaches production, but when we finally see it, it’s sure to be exciting.

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