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Tesla has gone back and forth with its new Cybertruck so often that it’s hard to keep track of what exactly is going on with the Tesla truck. The production date of the Cybertruck has been delayed so many times that people have started to winder whether it’s even going to be made. Now Tesla has announced that it has finalized the Cybertruck, meaning it’s one step closer to becoming a reality than ever. 

A rendering of a Tesla Cybertruck.
Tesla Cybertruck rendering | Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck design has been finalized 

If you’ve been following the Tesla Cybertruck timeline, the news Tesla has finalized the Cybertruck’s design is probably more than welcome. After all, there was a time not that long ago, that there was a question of whether the Cybertruck would ever come to fruition. Now though, according to Electrek, Tesla has settled on the Cybertruck’s look and features. 

As one might imagine, the Tesla truck’s design changes have been affecting its timeline. This is something which Tesla CEO Elon Musk addressed in a recent interview with Tesla Owners Club of Silicon Valley. He said, “We need to get on that [getting the Cybertruck to production]. At least, the design is finally locked. We got too carried away [with design updates.”

The Tesla truck is set to begin production in 2023 

Despite its many delays, the Tesla Cybertruck has a production date of 2023. This is two years after its initial announced production date of 2021. After it was clear that that date was going to slip by without a Cybertruck, its production date was changed to 2022. Even that wasn’t a possibility, and 2023 is now the date to meet. 

Supply chain problems have certainly impacted the Cybertruck, as well. A massive microchip shortage has made the production of pretty much all vehicles slow to nonexistent. Across the board, vehicles are being on delayed or canceled. Some are being made without key components. 

What has been updated about the Cybertruck?

Musk has been somewhat quiet about the Tesla Cybertruck updates. It’s possible that some of its changes have come about because of the increasing number of electric trucks that are either on the market or coming to the market. Many auto manufacturers have been influenced by the Cybertruck’s design and proposed technology. That means that the electric truck class as a whole is becoming more competitive. 

Although the Cybertruck’s design has been “locked,” that doesn’t mean we won’t see more changes forthcoming. The Tesla Cybertruck is going to be such a unique electric truck that there are as many haters of it as lovers. Because of that, Tesla may start by producing a relatively small number of trucks to test the market. Then it can see how the Cybertruck does before ramping up production. 

The Tesla electric truck may be almost here, but we’re still going to have to wait and see what exactly it will include. There have been many hints over the years, but no one knows just what it will be like. Hopefully now that the Cybertruck design has been finalized, we’ll get a better idea of what to expect with this unique electric vehicle. 


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