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Yes, we’re back to speaking about the Tesla Cybertruck, one of a million such posts we have had. This time, it is about the endless stringing-out of the details about the truck. Being so close to actual production, if indeed it is, would help the estimated 1.7 million, by Tesla estimates, Cybertruck order holders know a little something, anything. But instead of helping these customers, it drags out not even the slimmest of information. 

This may not have been much of an issue had a more mainstream automaker been developing it. The product would initially stay in the shadows. Then, once camouflage development mules are seen testing, the slow drip of information begins. But instead, buyers have taken it on the chin, waiting four years without much to inform their good-faith deposits.

Are Cybertruck prices still set at $39,995?

The Tesla Cybertruck driving over desert sand
Tesla Cybetruck | Tesla

They also now realize that the $39,995 price Tesla was floating, in the beginning, is just so ridiculous. So, it is only reasonable for Tesla to offer up the price now. It knows when the truck will be available, its development costs, and the components necessary to build it. Tesla has everything it needs to realize a reasonable price to convey to buyers.

Instead, CEO Elon Musk is acting like a child teasing a smaller sibling. We get sneak peeks of images of the most minor details with only speculation about what we’re seeing because, you know, nobody at Tesla is saying. So now, even the most vocal advocates for the Cybertruck are speaking out. 

Automotive News quotes one Tesla owner who posted, “Enough with the hype. Please announce the specs, pricing, and new estimated delivery event date.” Musk did respond, saying, “While I think it is our best product ever, it is an extremely difficult product to build. We are in uncharted territory because it is not like anything else.”

Is it really that hard to figure out Cybertruck prices, specs, and delivery?

Cybertruck loading an ATV
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

Please. Automakers have been building vehicles for over 120 years, along with those manufacturing things like rockets, jet planes, etc. They’re all difficult to build in a certain respect. And we would argue they’re way more difficult than building a stainless steel pickup truck. 

It goes with the territory and is the business that Tesla is in. It’s not like it was building bicycles for 15 years and then shifted to truck building.

So Elon, we agree with the earlier sentiments. Get off the stump and give the public clear and concise information if you’re that close to delivering Cybertrucks. It is getting tiring. Unless you’re bluffing, and we’re still two years away from seeing deliveries…


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