Oh, Oh: Specs/Prices For Tesla Cybertruck Pulled From Website

Things are constantly in a state of flux at Tesla; especially as it relates to the Cybertruck. From its size to availability, and maybe more. We say maybe because all of the listed specs on the Cybertruck website have been removed. And so have the prices. What does it mean; what could it mean? 

Everything for the Cybertruck was an estimate that is now two years old

Old Cybertruck specs
Removed Cybertruck specs | Tesla

First, things have always been fluid with Tesla vehicles under development. And the Cybertruck is so far removed from how conventional vehicles are manufactured that you knew some things would change. Now, removing what had been set in sand, not stone, means those specs are changing.

Sometimes, the change is for the better, and sometimes, Tesla pulls back from promises it makes. Or should we say what founder Elon Musk tweets? Tesla no longer has a media department so most all news is through Musk in the form of tweets or from presentations. Unconventional, but that’s how the company rolls.

When the truck made its debut almost two years ago, the delivery date was sometime in 2021. Recently, that was changed to late-2022. Nothing new here. If there is one thing we can depend on its new vehicle releases being pushed out. 

Cybertruck pricing was based on three different specs

New Cybertruck order page
New Cybertruck order page | Tesla

Prices were determined based on the three different specs. The single motor base Cybertruck has a range of 250-miles and a list price of $39,900. With the middle model, there is a dual motor and all-wheel drive. The range is 300-miles with a price tag of $49,900.

At the top of the chain is the tri-motor all-wheel-drive configuration with a 500-mile range. The list price was $69,900. All of that info was sitting on the website since that November day it was revealed. Now? Electrek has discovered that all of it is gone. 

There’s no way a Model 3 can be $3,000 higher than a Cybertruck

A Tesla crash in Florida involved a Model 3 similar to the one pictured here.
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla Motors

The change in pricing, though still a mystery, has been expected. First, the Model 3 sedan’s base price was recently raised to $42,000. There is no way the Cybertruck would be three grand cheaper than the Model 3.

Then there are the prices of most other electric trucks eeking out into the marketplace. The Rivian base price is $69,000; basically, the same price as previously listed for the top-of-the-line Cybertruck. Looking at the Hummer EV, the base price is $79,995. 

But only the $125,000 version will initially be available. And we expect Tesla will do the same. For the first year or so the Cybertruck will only come with the tri-motor, all-wheel-drive configuration. Now, it looks like the $39,900 figure may never see daylight.

You could snag three Cybertruck for the price of one Hummer EV

2022 GMC Hummer EV
2022 GMC Hummer EV | GM

Will the Tesla Truck Price Be Affordable?

For the previously listed Cybertruck price, you could grab three for the price of a single Hummer. And the first year’s worth of Hummers is sold out. So it doesn’t take math to figure out there could be more potential for higher Cybertruck prices than what has been offered for the last two years.

And, honestly, the $39,900 price was never going to be obtainable. The base price of a 2022 Silverado is $30,400, and it is truly a stripper. At that price, even tires are an option. Just kidding. But you get the point?

So we will now all wait with bated breath to see what the new specs and pricing will be. It’s the Tesla way, you know?