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You can’t make this stuff up, although we should tell you that when Tesla CEO Elon Musk saw this, he said “fake” in a Tweet. But it’s not. Coming out just as the Tesla Cybertruck seems to be close to a delay once again, we have the “Cyber Spoon” promotional tie-in with McDonald’s, of all places, instead.  

It’s a Cybertruck Cyber Spoon for your McDonald’s McFlurry. This is supposedly a product tie-in happening in China with Tesla and the famous fast food chain. And if you’re in China, for a limited time, you can get your own Cyber Spoon for a mere $4. We’re not sure if the McFlurry comes with it or not.

Why did Elon Musk say this Cybertruck merch was “fake?”

Tesla Cybertruck front 3/4 view
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

But you better hurry. McDonald’s China will only be making 50,000 of them. And in a country with about 1.5 billion people, 50,000 of anything won’t last for long. But if this seems like an innocently questionable move, Musk thought so, too.

He said on Twitter/X, “Fake news afaik (as far as I know).” While that seems the most likely, that is, being just a prank, it is not. A post from Twitter/X user Sawyer Merritt points out that the Tesla Weibo and Xiaohongshu accounts promote the odd eating utensils. He even did a rough translation of what the Weibo site says. 

Does Tesla do a lot of silly Cybertruck merch like this?

Tesla Cybertruck Cyber Spoon promotional info
Tesla Cybertruck Cyber Spoon | McDonald’s

“Introducing a unique newcomer, a collaboration between McDonald’s and Tesla, focusing on an innovative experience. From September 17th to 26th, participating McDonald’s outlets will have a limited offer. To our valued McDonald’s members, during the activity, lucky draws will feature McFlurry coupons, Tesla merchandise, and an electric ‘Cyber Spoon.’ Which prize do you wish to win?”

Upon further investigation, Musk said, “In that case, I will definitely have some!” So, is there any significance to this unusual partnership besides it being unusual? There is if you’re a Tesla fan.

In case you haven’t noticed, Tesla doesn’t advertise. In fact, the upcoming 2023 Detroit Auto Show is the first time we can think of that the automaker is participating in an auto show. That’s because you have to be a member of an automobile franchise association to display. And Tesla doesn’t have dealers, so there are no shows for it, at least until now.

What’s a Cyber Whistle?

Tesla Cybertruck Cyber Whistle side view
Tesla Cybertruck Cyber Whistle | Tesla

Anyway, Tesla also doesn’t normally partner with other companies. And when, on rare occasions, it does, those companies are usually in the technology, automotive, or energy arena, according to notateslaapp. But that doesn’t mean it is above cheeky merchandise. 

You must remember the Cyber Whistle, right? Or how about the Cybertruck kitty litter box? Or what about the assortment of alcoholic beverages with designy packaging? So now you can add the Cyber Spoon to the growing list of funky, fun spin-offs courtesy of Tesla. And soon, we can imagine seeing Cybershoes, Cyberwear for dogs, and Cybersoap for washing up. 


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