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The long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck won’t be available until next year, we guess? So Tesla wants you to kick back, relax, and have an ice-cold “Gigabier” while you count the weeks and years until you get your Cybertruck. And while that sad face turns into a happy face as you down a few Gigabiers, you can be reminded of your Cybertruck deposit of three years ago by the bottle’s resemblance to it. 

How much is that Tesla Gigabier?

Tesla Gigabier | Tesla

But you must hurry. The beer is only available for a limited time, unlike the Cybertruck’s unlimited time in development. Also, be aware that a six-pack of Gigabier will cost you more than that $100 Cybertruck deposit made many years ago. At $30 a bottle, maybe you should take baby sips to savor it. And by the way, this is not an April Fool’s joke, as we’re bringing this to you on March 31. 

Tesla GigaBier is designed to emulate the form of Cybertruck while honoring the 500-year tradition of German Reinheitsgebot beermaking,” Tesla says in a statement. “Enjoy this limited-edition pilsner-style beer brewed in Berlin with our exclusive strain of Cyberhops and notes of citrus, bergamot, and sweet fruit. Each bottle features a seamless gloss black sleeve with a glow-in-the-dark Giga watermark. Prost!”

Is Tesla a distillery?

Tesla tequila | Tesla

You may remember Tesla launching, not the Cybertruck, but a limited-edition Tequila in 2020. So is it an automobile company or a distillery? However, Elon Musk gets the last laugh as the tequila sold out within hours of being available. We figure he likes spending all of this Cybertruck pre-order cash on these fun little moneymakers

Tesla shorts
Tesla satin red short shorts | Tesla

Besides the typical merch that virtually every company in the world sells, some of Tesla’s merch is quirky at best. Besides the Tequila, remember the Cyberwhistle for $50. Or how about its satin red short shorts with “S3XY” in gold on the rear. You can still grab lighted cup holders. You can use those in your Tesla in the dark to help you locate your beverage. That bev better not be Gigabier!

What quirky Tesla merch will be next?

Tesla Gigawhistle | Tesla

It has various keychains, including what it calls a “Smart Ring” for your key card key fob. Does this mean the key fob you’re using is a Dumb Ring? Tesla will also sell you a neon light kit for your nonexistent Cybertruck interior. You can snag it now for $95, and be ready to install it once you receive your Cybertruck in 2027. 

But hey, we kid. We figure Tesla, and Musk, in particular, has heard plenty about his different projection dates that are off by years already. But if you indeed do have a deposit on a Cybertruck, you might as well indulge in some Gigabier if for no other reason than to toast the arrival of your Cybertruck, whenever that may be.


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