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Renderings of a Tesla Cybertruck dually have been making the rounds for a while. We’ve even whipped one up just to add a little visual. There is even a “Cybertruck 3500 dually” someone is making that will look like one, though it will run a gas-powered engine. And Elon Musk got into the dually fun last year. He posted a Cybertruck dually positioned in rendering on Twitter. So, could this actually happen?

Would Tesla make a dually Cybertruck?

Cybertruck Dually
Tesla Cybertruck Dually | Thom Taylor/MotorBiscuit

We’d love to see a brawny Cybertruck dually become a reality. But from Tesla’s perspective, it won’t need to, at least for a few years. Tesla no longer lists the number of reservations it has for the Cybertruck.  We’ve seen numbers as high as three million. And Musk himself said the Cybertruck is sold out through 2027, though not a single production version has been made. 

Estimates put production beginning in late 2023 with first deliveries beginning in early 2024. That’s a long way off. How many reservationists can hang on until then will be interesting to watch. With EV truck entries by Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Rivian competing, many reservations will be fulfilled with one of these.

Elon Musk is teasing a dually Cybertruck

Cybertruck dually
Cybertruck dually in SpaceX rendering | SpaceX

But back to the dually version, Musk made presentations at his other big venture, SpaceX, in June. One of the images he included shows a six-wheel Cybertruck. A bit different from our own rendering, it accomplishes the same thing, four wheels in the rear to help spread out heavy loads. Heavier loads than one could expect to haul with a standard Cybertruck.

It also shows lighting on the top, a new rack design, and wide angular rear fenders to accommodate the dual rear wheels. Those first two new features are ones we would expect, as there is a whole world of profit for aftermarket products Tesla could sell. Just ask Ford.

Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

But the dually option is a big question mark. We know Tesla will offer a quad motor option for production. Supposedly, this would give it a zero-to-60 mph time of under two seconds. So the extra power necessary to haul big loads will be available. 

Would a dually version give it cred?

Cybertruck dually
Tesla Cybertruck Dually | Thom Taylor/MotorBiscuit

But the body and frame will have to be reinforced to be able to tow 15,000 lbs, give or take a few thousand pounds. We know that the basic structure of the truck will be die-cast aluminum, a huge departure from the traditional body-on-frame truck design heavy-duty trucks have used. Would revisions to the casting be necessary? Or would extra cross-members and/or brackets be the trick? 

Of course, all of this is hypothetical. But one way that hardcore truck enthusiasts could get behind the Cybertruck being a real work hauler would be for it to have a heavy-duty variant. And that would easily apply to a Tesla Cybertruck dual rear-wheel EV. 


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