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Will the Tesla Cybertruck ever be released? Consumers have been waiting on the Cybertruck for over two years now with no end in sight. The electric pickup truck is clearly on the back burner after recent comments by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Here’s why the wait for the Cybertruck is so long and why Tesla’s first electric pickup is probably worth waiting on.

The Tesla Cybertruck is delayed because of the company’s success, and that’s a good thing for the truck

A gray Tesla Cybertruck has its headlights on.
A gray Tesla Cybertruck has its headlights on | Tesla

No, the Cybertruck isn’t delayed because Elon is busy building a colony in space or making cryptocurrency coins skyrocket with tweets. One of the many reasons that the Cybertruck is delayed is the success of other Tesla EVs. According to CNBC, new EV development is not at the top of Tesla’s list of priorities at the moment.

The company does not have enough parts to both meet the current demand for EVs and produce new models like the Cybertruck. As a result, the automaker has made the decision to postpone the Cybertruck and avoid an even greater supply crisis. Tesla EVs make up the majority of the new electric vehicle market share in America. The more vehicles the company sells, the greater the need for EV battery materials like lithium and cobalt is.

Tesla chooses not to produce the Cybertruck now, and that’s because more consumers are buying Teslas in the United States. Producing the vehicle this year in a very limited supply could be disastrous. One reason that the Cybertruck is worth the wait is that Tesla is taking its time rather than mass-producing an inferior product and creating supply issues in the future.

The Cybertruck’s design is still unmatched despite all the time that’s passed

The Cybertruck debuted way back in the fall of 2019. The electric pickup truck’s futuristic design quickly gained the attention of consumers. Rappers flaunted prototypes and concept trucks in music videos. Jay Leno got to drive one. The electric truck’s unique body created quite the buzz.

Over two years later, competitors still haven’t announced any vehicles that deviate from the norm as much as the Cybertruck. Leave it to the folks at Tesla to create something so unique that no other vehicle would resemble it. Sure, consumers have no clue when the truck comes out, but that boxy cold-rolled steel frame is too cool for some people to resist.

The Tesla Cybertruck’s specs are still competitive

A gray Tesla Cybertruck is on display.
The Tesla Cybertruck | Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

The Tesla Cybertruck will have plenty of competition once it is finally available. It still boasts better specs than some of its rivals. Final trim level Cybertrucks are expected to make a massive 800 horsepower.

The most capable Cybertruck has a driving range of a mind-blowing 500 miles. It can go from 0-60 miles per hour in about 2.9 seconds. The Cybertruck is worth the wait because of its amazing capabilities. Consumers who pre-ordered the electric pickup truck may not be happy now, but let’s see how they feel when the futuristic vehicle arrives.


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