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The upcoming Tesla Cybertruck has to bring something better than a set of steel wheels, right? We expect only the top-end luxury features with advanced technology development on Tesla vehicles, which means we don’t expect to see steel wheels. After 3 ½ years, shouldn’t we expect more as this electric truck goes into the beta-testing phase?

Why was the Tesla Cybertruck spotted with steel wheels?

Tesla Cybertruck Beta Testing Wearing Steel Wheels
Tesla Cybertruck Beta Testing Model | Tesla

As we close in on the scheduled production date, the steel wheels found seem to have Wheel Force Transducers attached to them. Electrek tells us this tool is a multi-axle precision measuring system that captures three forces and moments on a rotating wheel. This indicated the only reason this new Tesla truck had steel wheels on it was to test the forces, ensuring it could enter production later this summer.

Have other features been seen on these beta-testing electric trucks?

Tesla has been testing various prototypes of the Cybertruck over the past few months. These trucks have been spotted around California with various features that have been considered for the final design. Some of these items include an updated front end, a massive windshield wiper, and a lifted air suspension. One model was spotted at the Fremont factory with several measuring devices attached to test the chassis before this pickup heading to production.

The interior of the new Tesla truck looks as sharp as ever

Tesla Cybertruck Interior Featuring Folding Rear Seats
Tesla Cybertruck Interior Featuring Folding Rear Seats | Tesla

The Cybertruck is a unique EV with sharp lines and an unconventional shape. Before it heads to production, Tesla held an Investor Day where some beta versions were on display. This event, held just outside the Austin Gigafactory, offered a look at some of the interior features. The final production model might not include these items.

Some of the improved interior items include a rounded Yoke steering wheel which is different from previous models. Teslarati tells us the interior looks clean, sharp, and offers the simplistic design we’ve come to admire from Tesla.

The Cybertruck’s rear seats appear to fold up. There’s also a new screen added to give rear passengers the tech they want to enjoy during a ride. This truck has been in development for a long time. This has given Tesla plenty of time to create a better version of the Cybertruck for production.

Should the Cybertruck become available this summer?

Once the Tesla Cybertruck leaves the steel wheels behind and enters production, it could take a while for significant deliveries to begin. Currently, many potential owners await their Cybertruck. Tesla began taking preorders for this new electric truck when it first appeared. Still, if production volume ramps up quickly, we might see available models in early 2024.


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