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Is getting stuck in a Ford Bronco a problem? If it is, Ford is working on a solution involving tanks and ladders. A tank sure does sound more exciting than a chute, but what exactly is in the works for the Ford Bronco and Ford F-150? 

Tanks and Ladders might help the Ford Bronco get unstuck 

2022 Ford Bronco Four-Door SUV in Eruption Green
2022 Ford Bronco | The Ford Motor Company

Have you ever been off-roading in the desert or woods, when suddenly you got stuck? It can be pretty embarrassing, especially in a new popular option like the 2022 Ford Bronco or Ford F-150 Lightning. 

Reportedly, Ford is working on a few things to help you get unstuck, possibly before a Jeep Wrangler comes along and takes a picture. Even when you need more traction or a steep climb or need to access the vehicle’s maximum turning radius. 

The first way Ford is coming to the rescue is what a new tank turn strategy. Also, Ford is working on sand ladders that can be integrated into step bars or vehicle doors. 

What is the Bronco tank turn? 

Ford submitted a patent for a tank turn system that could be for the Ford Bronco, Ford F-150, and other off-roading vehicles. We know what you’re thinking, and it’s true, the Rivian R1T came out with a tank turn first. 

However, according to Motor Trend, the tank turn system will have the truck turn on its central access. The Bronco and Rivian R1T use the turn brake, but the new system will drive each axle in the opposite direction. 

The front axle spins in reverse while the rear axle is in forward. Also, you will need to apply the brakes and unload the suspension on opposing corners based on the direction you’re trying to turn. 

You might be able to get the tank turn system via an over-the-air update. But you can only unload the suspension and corners with airbags. So to unload from the right front and left rear, pressure will be raised on the left front and right rear corners to apply more weight. 

The axles will need to spin in different directions too. It seems like the vehicles would require a shorter driveshaft of selectable reversing gear to make this possible. Still, Ford mentioned that the process would be easier with vehicles equipped with electric motors. 

What are the Bronco ladders? 

Two Ford Bronco small SUVs are off-roading.
The 2022 Ford Bronco | Ford

The Ford Bronco could gain sand ladder systems that can be attached to the roof, body, and doors. You might be able to use it as a step to enter the vehicle. We wish our Ford Bronco model had a step!

Ford displayed how the ladders could attach to the rocker panel step brackets. A hook holds the ladder in place and can be easily lifted for use as needed. The ladders could be held in place with a keyhole system too. 

The ladders can also be placed on the front bumper, rear bumper, and tailgate. That’s a lot of options to consider and may allow for personal customization. Either way, they will be able to help you get out of a bad situation. 

Currently, these patents are just new ideas that Ford is considering. But we would like to test out the new features. We will keep an eye on these patents and keep you updated on their progress. 


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