Take A Look At Some Of The Best Nissan SUVs

From big to small, Nissan has multiple SUVs to choose from. With so many options available, it can be challenging to keep up with them all. That’s why we put a list of a few reliable options together. Check out what makes these great Nissan SUV options. 

The Best Nissan SUVs 

Nissan Kicks 

The Nissan Kicks is a spunky compact SUV that’s perfect for wheeling around the city. It’s a price-friendly option that starts around $18k. 

Now, this vehicle may only have 122 horsepower, but you don’t need much for going around town. Plus, it’s fuel economy is impressive. It gets up to 31 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway. 

A blue 2020 Nissan Kicks parked in front of a nice home.
2020 Nissan Kicks | Nissan

For a small SUV, it has a competitive cargo space with a maximum of up to 32.3 cubic feet of cargo space to take advantage of. 

Plus, it’s nimble turning radius make it incredibly convenient for getting in and out of tight spaces in the city. 

Nissan Murano 

Now we’re going a little bigger with the Nissan Murano. It seats up to five adults comfortably and has a moderate starting price, that’s around $31k. 

It’s priced this way because of the comfortable and luxurious interior it has to offer. Enjoy large, leather padded seats that are zero gravity. That means they contour to your body with a weightless feel. 

Plus, this option is available in all-wheel drive, allowing it to handle a little snow and go down dirt or gravel roads with ease. 

Nissan Pathfinder 

The Nissan Pathfinder is a better option for larger families as it can seat up to seven passengers with ease. For $31k, you can pull off the lot in a new 2020 model that’s ready to take your family on adventures. 

There’s no shortage of power with the Pathfinder. Its engine provides 285 horsepower, and it can tow up to 6,000 lb. So, not only can your whole family go on vacation, but you can easily tow your boat too. 

We’re also impressed by the fact that the Pathfinder is available in four-wheel drive, making it incredibly capable of traversing through snow and for going off-roading a little. 

Nissan Armada 

The Nissan Armada is the big daddy SUV. It can seat up to eight passengers with more than enough space for everyone and all of their things. You access up to 95.4 cubic feet of cargo space. 

Now the Armada is a bit higher priced and begins around $47k, but that’s due to the luxuries and capabilities it provides. 

It can tow up to 8k lb, and its powerful engine provides 390 horsepower with 394 lb-ft of torque. Plus, it’s available in four-wheel drive, allowing it to climb over obstacles in its path easily. 

With undercarriage protection, features such as Hill Descent Control, and a ground clearance of 9.4”, you can trust in your Armada to get down the beaten track in one piece. 

It has acoustic glass and an insulated cabin to provide a quiet cabin that is only as loud as the average sedan.