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White 1983 Yamaha XJ650 Seca Turbo in front of a fence

Yamaha Is Getting Back Into Turbocharged Bikes

High-RPM redlines and more cylinders are usually how motorcycle companies increase performance. But Yamaha is going to use something that, while common in cars, isn’t really seen in bikes: forced-induction. Not a supercharger, like on the Kawasaki Ninja H2, though. Instead, Yamaha is re-introducing turbocharging to its motorcycle lineup. The Yamaha turbocharged bike news Performance …
2020 KTM 390 Adventure motorcycle sliding through the desert

The Best New Off-Road Motorcycles Under $10,000

Off-roading on 2 wheels can be tricky—but it doesn’t have to be expensive. There’s a wide selection of modern affordable motorcycles with a degree of off-road prowess. But the best-suited are adventure motorcycles and dual sports. And, if you thought off-road adventures were outside your budget, the bikes described below sticker for under $10,000. Best …
Diagram showing Harley-Davidson's self-driving motorcycle patent

Is Harley-Davidson Working on a Self-Balancing Motorcycle?

Most recommended beginner bikes are fairly small so newer riders aren’t intimidated at balancing on and handling them. That’s in contrast to some of Harley-Davidson’s bikes. Even its cheapest bike, the Street 750, is about 100 pounds heavier than my Triumph Street Triple R. But Harley may have a solution that could attract new customers …
2020 Yamaha MT-03

The Yamaha MT-03 Is a Great Entry-Way Into Motorcycling

Yamaha has quite a diverse motoring portfolio. The Japanese company makes ATVs, electric motors, and even briefly dabbled in cars. But in the US, the brand is perhaps best known for its wide range of motorcycles, which includes cruisers, dirt bikes, touring bikes, and dual sports. And there’s one more bike joining the stable: the …
Lazareth LM410

Lazareth LM410 Motorcycle Has 4 Wheels and 200 Hp

As a general rule, motorcycles only have 2 wheels. True, there are some 3-wheeled exceptions. Morgan, for example, will sell you a 3-wheeled vehicle that’s legally considered a motorcycle in most US states; ditto Canadian company Campagna. But if you want an actual motorcycle with 3 wheels, the only real choices are Can-Am or Harley-Davidson. …
Yamaha Prototype Electric Crate Motor
Hybrids & Electrics

Yamaha Crate Motor Perfect For EV Swap In Your Hot Rod

A hot rod needs a high-performance powertrain. Yamaha has just the crate motor for your next project but it’s not internal combustion. No, it’s a high-performance electric motor. Even though there is not a lot of demand within Yamaha’s product portfolio its engineering team came up with this slick motor. That’s why it is making …
2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro

Fastest Dual Sport Motorcycles

Dirt bikes can be a great introduction to motorcycling. They’re easy to repair, and not quick enough to really get you into trouble (apart from the racing versions). But, they’re generally not street-legal, which means you’ll have to haul them to a trail or course. Some touring bikes can go off-road, but they’re really more …
2020 Ducati Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour

Fastest Touring Motorcycles by 0-60 Time

Motorcycles are ridden every from dirt trails to paved roads. For the latter, standards and cruisers tend to be popular choices. Cruisers in particular offer an attractive combination of relaxed riding with casual speed. Quite a few cruisers can actually out-accelerate some high-end sports cars. However, over long stretches of road, touring bikes are the …