Lazareth LM410 Motorcycle Has 4 Wheels and 200 Hp

As a general rule, motorcycles only have 2 wheels. True, there are some 3-wheeled exceptions. Morgan, for example, will sell you a 3-wheeled vehicle that’s legally considered a motorcycle in most US states; ditto Canadian company Campagna. But if you want an actual motorcycle with 3 wheels, the only real choices are Can-Am or Harley-Davidson. And normally, 4 wheels is ATV territory. Now, though, a French firm has stepped up and made a 4-wheel motorcycle: the Lazareth LM410.

Lazareth LM847

Lazareth LM847
Lazareth LM847 | Lazareth

The Lazareth LM410 isn’t actually Lazareth’s first out-there motorcycle design; the company has also made a flying concept motorcycle. In fact, the LM410 isn’t even Lazareth’s first 4-wheel motorcycle. That would be the LM847.

Lazareth LM847 side
Lazareth LM847 side | Lazareth

The 4 17” wheels and Michelin Power Cup Evo tires aren’t even the most impressive features. That would be the engine, a 4.7-liter V8 provided by Maserati. It’s linked to a 1-speed transmission and develops 470 hp and 361 lb-ft. But, despite the massive engine, the LM847 weighs less than the Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide.

There’s no 0-60 time or top speed recorded; Lazareth only claims the bike can go from 0-100 mph “in seconds.” However, the bike comes with hinged axles that Autoblog reports do let it actually corner. And with 4 sets of disc brakes—Nissins in the front, Brembos in the rear—the LM847 can presumably stop as well as it goes.

As unique a premise as a 4-wheel Maserati-V8-engined motorcycle is, only 10 LM847s were built. However, the company has now announced a more practical follow-up.

Lazareth LM410

Lazareth LM410
Lazareth LM410 | Lazareth

Like its predecessor, the LM410 has 4 wheels with hinged axles, according to Road & Track. It also has a similar TFX rear shock absorber.

Lazareth LM410 rear
Lazareth LM410 rear | Lazareth

But, instead of the Maserati V8, the LM410 has a 998cc inline-4 from the Yamaha R1. Although Lazareth hasn’t released official specs yet, this will no doubt make the LM410 lighter than the LM847, and easier to maneuver. The aluminum switchgear provided by Italian accessory-maker Rizoma will no doubt also help cut down on the curb weight. The smaller engine won’t be as powerful, although, as Autoblog reports, 200 hp and 87 lb-ft is quite respectable for a motorcycle.

And according to French newspaper Le Dauphiné, the extra tires and wheels do actually seem to make a difference. Reviewers noted the LM410 can grip and brake more effectively than other similarly-sized conventional motorcycles. The 4 wheels also undoubtedly make the bike more stable at a stop.

Pricing and availability

Unfortunately, the LM410 will be just as rare as its ancestor: Lazareth is only planning on making 10 LM410s and hasn’t indicated if any will come to the US. It won’t be a cheap bike, either. Motorcycle News reports it’ll sticker at roughly $108,300.

Although, if you’re after a stable, unusual motorcycle, the Yamaha Niken GT is already on sale in the US. And although it has 3 wheels, not 4, and its 847cc inline-3 only makes 105 hp and 60 lb-ft, according to Cycle World, it only costs $17,299.

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