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Extended car warranties

Extended Car Warranty Offers Bug You? Oregon Just Banned Them

“We’re calling about your car’s warranty.” Ever gotten those annoying calls for an extended car warranty? Even when you’ve blocked solicitations you still get them. Now, the Oregon Department of Justice is going after these phone solicitation companies. It just finned but also banned Endurance Warranty Services from sending misleading mailers and making these calls …
a lemon, another term for an unreliable car, against a yellow background

Are Used Cars Covered Under Lemon Laws?

Everyone and their mother has heard of lemon laws. Most of the time, shoppers know lemon laws for the protection they can offer to new cars. But, if you are shopping for a used car, is your purchase protected by lemon laws, or are you on your own? Well, it depends. There are a few …
Lots of lemons

What Happens to Returned Lemon Law Cars?

Most Lemon Law buyback vehicles end up back on car lots for sale. So how do you know it was a Lemon Law car and what protections do you have id you purchase one and it turns out not to have been fixed?