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VW and Ford Logos

Are Ford and Volkswagen making Pickups and Vans Together?

It might not be a surprise to hear that automakers sometimes collaborate on projects. Ford has worked with Mazda in the past. That is where the Ranger and Mazda B-Series trucks of the 1980s and 1990s came from. Also, Volkswagen has collaborated with Audi. For example, the Jetta and the A4 share many underpinnings. But, are Ford …
a white ProMaster driving in the city

The Ram ProMaster Only Has 1 Thing Going for It

It’s a pretty general consensus: the ProMaster cargo van doesn’t have much going for it. If you want something cheap and mildly competitive in its class, the Ram ProMaster cargo van is your dream come true. But if you want a van that handles well enough to actually enjoy driving, you’ll want something else–– like …
2021 Wonder RL RV in white with black accent color

Ford Transit RV Conversion With Lounge Is a Real Wonder

Sales of recreational vehicles have shot up during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have taken to road tripping, car camping, overlanding, and off-roading as their get-away escapes from the various regional lockdown situations. So, attention to the RV segment is understandable. To try and scratch the itch of getting outdoors, Leisure Travel Vans has …
2020 Ford Transit Cargo Van

5 Reasons the Ford Transit Is Better Than the Mercedes Sprinter

Large vans have been enjoying a surge in popularity. They are not just working vans anymore, they are van life vessels and passenger vans as well. They are a great choice for large families and many of them are built into epic overlanders. But how do you choose between the 2020 Transit and the 2020 …
2020 Ford Transit Cargo Van

Why the Legal Cannabis Industry is in Love with the Armored Ford Transit

The legal cannabis industry is booming. It’s expanding to more U.S. states with growing rapidity. There’s no doubt that as this industry emerges it will have an effect on countless other markets. This includes the auto industry. In particular, cannabis entrepreneurs across the 33 states that have made cannabis products legal for medical or recreational …