Why the Legal Cannabis Industry is in Love with the Armored Ford Transit

The legal cannabis industry is booming. It’s expanding to more U.S. states with growing rapidity. There’s no doubt that as this industry emerges it will have an effect on countless other markets. This includes the auto industry. In particular, cannabis entrepreneurs across the 33 states that have made cannabis products legal for medical or recreational use are turning to the Ford Transit.

Van fleets are currently being designed in order to navigate the complicated network of regulations the marijuana market has inspired. As the ins and outs of this complicated business evolved, an armored Ford Transit emerged.

Why does the legal cannabis industry need armored cars?

Due to federal regulations, the armored Ford Transit is extremely helpful for marijuana growers. They are in demand for dispensary and provisioning center owners as well. Large sums of cash are transported in these protective vehicles, as well as bulk amounts of cannabis flowers and other related products.

Cannabis cash and goods both have the potential to be pretty consequential cargo. In an industry where the rules change from county to county, it’s important to dot your Is and cross your Ts. This includes protecting precious cargo as you transport it the only way federal regulation can allow.

Where can you find them?

A rising business in this surprising new sub-industry is HARDCAR, a fleet operated in California specifically for the legal cannabis industry. Although the fleet was designed for cannabis cash and goods, the company also handles logistics for precious metals, fine art, and pharmaceuticals.

The intelligent design of the fleet can take on a wide range of cargo across a vast array of industries. But CKO and co-founder had the wellbeing of U.S. veterans at heart. There is significant research that suggests medical marijuana is extremely helpful for post-combat veterans concerning service-related health issues.

Co-founder of HARDCAR, Jeff is committed to utilizing decades of security experience and best practices to serve our cannabis industry. HARDCAR’s mission is wellness for veterans, wellness for all.


These fleets are popping up everywhere.

Greenguard cannabis transportation is another company that provides this type of logistics service to the legal cannabis industry. They offer professional protected transport of cannabusiness-related cash and goods in armored Ford Transits as well.

From the leading purveyor of security services, Greenguard Transport focuses on providing unique transportation solutions for clients throughout the State of Michigan. With more than 15 years’ experience working in secure transportation; with large and small companies, our reputation mirrors our abilities.


This woman-owned transport company has roots in another legal state ––Michigan. They also provide a range of logistic services for the legal marijuana industry. The Ford Transit seems to have found yet another niche as these cannabis-related fleets continue to grow.

The armored Ford Transit.

An unassuming unmarked vehicle meanders the California streets. The idea is that these armored Ford Transits look like any other work van. It could be anything in there, right?

If it’s in one of the 33 U.S. states that have either medically or recreationally legalized the plant, there is a change the cargo is cannabis-related. As the market grows at an incredibly fast rate, businesses are racing to keep up with the demand for new services.

And new armored Ford Transits.

The armored vehicles were designed to be a little incognito. Think “hidden in plain sight.” However, when push comes to shove, they are a (literally) bullet-proof box of awesomeness created to protect sensitive cargo.

These popular vans are well-loved by servicemen, carpenters, DIY conversion builders, logistics companies, and countless others that use the Ford Transit in their businesses both large and small.

The 2020 model of the Ford Transit starts at $34,510––an accessible price if you are planning to put some extra money into building an armored vehicle. The legal cannabis industry loves the armored Ford Transit because it is a great foundation for innovation.

With the coming release of an electric version, we will see the future of this cannabis logistics superstar. The sky’s the limit for both the legal cannabis industry and the armored Ford Transit.