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Why Do Honda, Nissan, and Toyota Continue To Make Sports Cars?

The Toyota Supra, the Nissan Z, and the Acura NSX are all familiar nameplates that ushered in a new dawn for Japanese sports cars in the U.S. Not only were they fast and cool-looking, but these cars were also symbols of technological advancements that were more than just muscular coupes that relied on big V8 …
2021 Subaru Levorg press photo
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Is Subaru a Japanese Car Company?

Subaru is a popular brand in the US. We load our family, friends, and gear into Foresters, Outbacks, and Crosstreks. Or they go for joy rides in a BRZ or a WRX, commute to work in a Legacy. Subaru products inspire serious brand loyalty from Americans across the country. They are well-loved cars. In fact, …
2021 Nissan Ariya parked on street
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Is Nissan a Japanese Car Company?

Nissan Motor Companies is a popular car maker in the US. It is also popular in other countries such as China, Russia, and Mexico. In fact, according to Wikipedia, in 2014 Nissan was the largest auto manufacturer in North America. So where does Nissan originally hail from? Is Nissan a Japanese car company? What does …
a gray Hyundai Kona driving on a deserted two-lane straightaway highway exemplifies that Hyundai readily competes with a Honda or Toyota
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Is Hyundai a Japanese Car Company?

The Hyundai brand is very well known in the United States. The brand has grown in both presence and reputation. However, some people might still be confused about exactly where Hyundai Motor Company came from. Does it hail from Japan like the Japanese car company Toyota, or Honda? Here’s a little rundown of the Hyundai …
2020 Toyota Tacoma off-roading in sand
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Is Toyota a Japanese Car Company?

Toyota is one of the best-selling car brands on the planet. Nearly everyone everywhere can conjure up the image of a specific model when they hear the Toyota name. But where did it all begin? Surely this legendary automaker has a history. Is Toyota a Japanese car company? The Toyoda Group It started out with …
the Japanese Mazda6 at speed on a scenic road
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Is Mazda a Japanese Car Company?

Mazda is one of the most popular vehicles in America. They are known for upscale features for mainstream prices. Mazda vehicles also have a reputation for being spunky and fun to drive. They also boast pretty contemporary exterior style. But where did Mazda Motor Corporation come from? Is it a Japanese car company? It all …
Toyota logo is seen on a Toyota 4Runner at its dealership in San Jose, California on August 27, 2019
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Are Japanese Cars Really More Reliable?

When shopping for a new or used car, in addition to having a car fit your specific needs and budget, it’s important to factor in its reliability ratings. For decades, Japanese cars have always been widely known for their renowned reliability, not only from Japanese-car owners but also from automotive sources such as Consumer Reports …
a red, white, and blue CBR1000RR-R sport bike racing down the street

The New Honda Fireblade Is Actually Coming to America

The all-new Honda CBR1000RR…-R Fireblade SP is coming to American motorcycle showrooms as a hulked up 2021 model of the familiar Honda CBR1000RR sport bike. There were apparently not enough Rs for this speedster––so Honda added more. Honda Powersports advertises this designated factory racer as “everything but the factory contract.” Named the Fireblade––presumably alluding to …
1990 Nissan Skyline GTR
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Which Right-Hand Drive Cars can be Imported into the U.S.?

Depending on where you live in the country, most people have seen a right-hand drive car pull up next to them at a stoplight. It’s a weird sight at first, not seeing anyone in the driver’s seat and then wondering, “What car is that?” It’s nothing new Since the turn of the century, and the …
1992 Mitsubishi Delica
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The Most Common Problems on Early Mitsubishi Delicas

Even off-roaders with a reputation for reliability have their faults. The Toyota 4Runner and Mitsubishi Montero, for example, are both rugged SUVs. Both, however, have had model years prone to engine issues, as well as other problems. Luxury off-roaders aren’t immune, either. And neither are alternative off-roaders like Japanese vans. The Mitsubishi Delica is a …