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Do you remember the Acura Integra from the 1990s? It was the luxury brand’s entry-level coupe and sedan – based on the Honda Civic – that boasted high-revving fun and a luxurious interior (at the time). It was also very well-known in the U.S., however, Honda did market the Integra in other parts of the world, including Japan. It was known overseas as the Honda Integra and it sported a different front end than the rounded-headlight version that we had here.

However, there was a different Honda Integra offered overseas. And unlike the entry-level luxury counterpart that we’re familiar with, this unique Integra was actually a Civic.

Honda Integra Sedan Joyful

1996 Honda Integra SJ front
1996 Honda Integra SJ | The Import Guys

Meet the 1996 Honda Integra SJ. Does it look familiar? If it does, that’s because it has a similar body style to the sixth-generation Honda Civic that we had here in the states. The taillights are the same, the sedan body is the same, and even the interior of the car looks largely the same. But the front end is a little different.

You can see that the Integra SJ has sleeker headlights and a small grille, reminiscent of the Acuras from the late 90s. According to Autoblog, Honda created this particular sedan to bring a formal sedan into the Integra range, dubbing it with the SJ naming convention. In case you’re wondering, those initials stand for “sedan joyful.” How fitting.  

1996 Honda Integra SJ
1996 Honda Integra SJ | The Import Guys

What does the Integra SJ come with?

1996 Honda Integra SJ
1996 Honda Integra SJ | The Import Guys

Just because the Honda Integra SJ shares the same name with the Integra that we know and love, that doesn’t mean the two share similar part numbers. The Integra SJ is powered by a 1.5-liter, D15b engine that produces 128 hp, according to Autoblog. That’s on par with the 1.6-liter engine that you can find the equivalent 96 Honda Civic LX in the U.S., however, it likely puts out less torque.

From what we can tell, this specific Honda Integra SJ that you see in the pictures also comes with all of the basic power amenities you need, including power steering, power windows, and air conditioning. Although it was considered a luxury car, you won’t find any leather seats like you could in the U.S. Integra. However, the Integra SJ does come with cloth upholstery that looks a little nicer than the interior that the U.S.-spec sixth-gen Civic received.

This Honda Integra is for sale

1996 Honda Integra SJ interior
1996 Honda Integra SJ | The Import Guys

While the exact details on this 96 Honda Integra SJ are sparse, in general, you can actually buy it. This black example is currently being offered for sale by a store called “The Import Guys,” based over in Washington.

According to the car’s ad, this specific example only has 45,215 miles on the odometer and it looks to be in great shape. It is a Honda, after all. But do take note that the car is equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission (bummer) and its right-hand drive. If you’re looking for a stout commuter car, or you just want to add something unique to your garage, this Honda Integra SJ could be something you’re looking for. Just remember, it’s not a Civic, it’s an Integra Sedan Joyful.


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