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The black solar-powered Silent-Yachts Cupra Design luxury yacht

This Luxury Yacht Has Solar and Volkswagen EV Power

Whether you have an inboard or an outboard motor on your boat, typically it runs on fossil fuels. But just as with cars, boats can be EVs, too. And that even applies to high-end luxury yachts. The newest project from Austrian company Silent-Yachts, though, approaches electric boating slightly differently. That’s because it runs with the …
During the presentation in the Transparent Factory after the unveiling, a journalist looks at an ID.4 from Volkswagen, the brand's first electric SUV

The Interior of the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Is Too Much Like a Concept Car

The EV roadmaps planned by many automakers are progressing quickly. Volkswagen promised to release eight new electric and hybrid cars this year, toward a goal of 1,000,000 EV units by 2023. The automaker’s latest electric vehicle, the Volkswagen ID.4, was recently revealed on MotorTrend’s website. The Volkswagen ID.4 is set to compete with the likes of …
The ID.4 is Volkswagen's newest all-electric crossover. With an affordable starting price and great specs, it should be a best seller for the brand.

The 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Will Be a Huge Sales Success

The Volkswagen ID.4 and the entire electric ID range of cars follow the brand’s greatest disaster, Dieselgate. It’s been over five years since reports alleged that Volkswagen was tampering with vehicle settings to make them seem more efficient. It’s been a rocky road for the German carmaker, losing billions of dollars as a result. However, …