The Interior of the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Is Too Much Like a Concept Car

The EV roadmaps planned by many automakers are progressing quickly. Volkswagen promised to release eight new electric and hybrid cars this year, toward a goal of 1,000,000 EV units by 2023. The automaker’s latest electric vehicle, the Volkswagen ID.4, was recently revealed on MotorTrend’s website.

The Volkswagen ID.4 is set to compete with the likes of Tesla cars and the upcoming Nissan Ariya. However, MotorTrend worries that it lacks one of the key components you’d expect from an EV. Compared to its rivals, the ID.4’s interior is surprisingly basic.

Minimalist to a fault

The interior of the Volkswagen ID.4 seems to emulate a more simple driving experience. MotorTrend likened it to a concept car that hasn’t had its design finalized just yet. There’s nothing wrong with concept cars, even the ones that don’t make it into mainstream production. However, some may feel that the ID.4’s interior looks unfinished and unrefined.

While it doesn’t look outdated, the ID.4’s interior lacks any groundbreaking new design elements. Despite this, we can expect the comfort level to be on par with the rest of Volkswagen’s lineup. Once you get inside the car, you’ll notice a few standard features that make the interior feel more futuristic.

Interesting interior features

While the dashboard looks barren, it’s hard to miss the large 12-inch touchscreen at the center stack. MotorTrend reported that it responds more quickly to user inputs than the previous system and the infotainment interface is very user-friendly. The screen itself is slightly tilted towards the driver so that they can operate it without getting too distracted.

It also comes with a digital instrument cluster, though MotorTrend was disappointed by its busy design. Another unique feature of the Volkswagen ID.4 is its ambient lighting system called ID.Light. This light strip under the windscreen can blink to indicate turns or lane changes, as well as alert drivers about incoming smartphone messages.

Generous interior space

The Volkswagen ID.4 is more spacious than several other Volkswagen SUVs thanks to its MEB platform. It also comes with a high seating position, allowing drivers to see more of the road while driving. The seats are made with synthetic leather and heated front seats are standard. 

The cabin is very accommodating for tall drivers since there’s a lot of legroom available. Adult drivers also won’t have any comfort issues in the backseat and there’s an ample amount of cargo space. Passengers may also appreciate the available panoramic sunroof and the standard smartphone pockets on the back of the front seats.

Some design flaws of the Volkswagen ID.4

While impressive overall, the Volkswagen ID.4 has some undeniable interior problems. MotorTrend noticed that much of the interior is made up of hard plastics. Other vehicles in the segment, like the Tesla Model Y, have more upscale interiors. MotorTrend also felt that the materials themselves were flimsy, especially the window switches.

When will the Volkswagen ID.4 be released?


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We hope that the fit and finish of the Volkswagen ID.4 can be tweaked before it goes into production. You can reserve one now on Volkswagen’s website or wait for it to hit dealership lots early next year. The First Edition models have already sold out, but you can still get the base SUV for around $40,000. All-wheel-drive models should arrive later as 2022 models.

While the interior looks unpolished, the Volkswagen ID.4 is expected to have impressive performance. The automaker promises 250 miles of all-electric range and lightning-fast acceleration in all-wheel-drive models. Only time will tell if the ID.4 will be as popular as the VW Beetle of years past.