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2019 Ford Fiesta SE

Learning to Drive a Manual? These Cars Are the Best to Practice On

When it comes to learning how to drive a stick, everyone starts somewhere. But investing in an expensive sports car and learning on the fly could get expensive if rowing your own doesn't come naturally. These are some affordable options with forgiving transmission for those who want to learn manual.
A driver attempts to skirt around Trooper Paul Pierce, who was trying to pull her over for driving in the breakdown lane on Rt. 3 near I-495 in Chelmsford. Trooper Pierce is part of the 3D unit cracking down on aggressive driving.

Don’t Be a Jerk Driver: Here’s How

Has an inconsiderate driver ever cut you off? Did another motorist merge into your lane without seemingly knowing you were there? From nonchalant late-brakers to impatient tailgaters, there are plenty of jerk drivers out there. And you might sometimes be guilty of jerky driving behaviors yourself. But if you have a new year’s resolution to …

What Is a ‘J-Turn’ and Is it Illegal?

Have you ever wanted to be a stunt car driver or wanted to learn how to drive like one? If so, then the “J-Turn” is one of the most basic and important driving techniques that you will need to learn. But what is a “J-turn” and is it illegal to do one on the street? …
A driver manipulates the manual transmission.

What Is ‘Rev Matching’ and Is It Really Necessary?

Driving a car with a manual transmission can be tricky, especially if you’re starting to learn. Learning when to upshift and downshift can get a little bit confusing at first, but with the proper time and patience, you’ll get it. Soon enough, you’ll be rev-matching like the pros. But what is rev-matching, and is it …

Can Playing Racing Video Games Make You a Better Driver?

Racing video games tend to act as a “gateway drug” whether you like cars a little or are a bonafide car enthusiast. With everything from the excitement of building your dream car and dream garage to working your way up the ranks and winning races, a good racing game can make you feel like Lewis …
The backup camera display of a 2014 Toyota Prius, showing passing pedestrians

A Backup Camera Doesn’t Automatically Improve Safety

Cameras are increasingly being used in many aspects of car safety. In fact, in addition to airbags and seat belts, one key mandatory safety feature is the backup camera. However, as with other safety features, simply having a backup camera installed doesn’t automatically make you safer. Why backup cameras are mandatory Although backup cameras, aka …

Old Driving Techniques You Should Ditch

Driving cars has been around much longer than any of us have been alive, and while the safety features and technology of cars have adapted, that doesn’t mean we’ve left old, outdated driving techniques in the past. Feeding the wheel technique Feeding the steering wheel is a turning technique pushed on many young drivers. The …