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The results of a recent survey showed that attractive people are more likely to buy white BMWs and Black Audis. Those same drivers also exhibited the worst driving techniques. Finance Buzz interviewed 1,200 people for those opinions, as well as how good of a driver they think they are. This data corresponds to their responses regarding their driving history. Whether or not their driving mishaps occurred at the beginning of their driving career, and now are much more skilled for it, the data doesn’t lie. This does not mean that overly cautious drivers are great drivers, but considering the data alone, it’s tough to argue. Here are some interesting data points from this survey.

How good are you really?

Finance Buzz asked drivers to rate their own driving skills on a scale of 1-10. The survey showed that 26-percent of the people think of themselves as great, 10-out-of-10 drivers, while only 1.98-percent rated themselves a 4-out-of-10. Unfortunately, 75-percent who rated themselves an eight or higher were also the worst drivers according to their own driving history. The drivers who pegged themselves as perfect drivers experienced the most traffic stops, received the most tickets, and have been in the most accidents. This also means they could be prone to other bad driving habits, like cutting off other drivers or going slow in the passing lane. BMW drivers appear to perpetuate this behavior.

Drivers who rated themselves a nine weren’t far behind. In fact, drivers who rated themselves an eight, seven, six, and four all scored within a few points of each other. The best drivers were actually the ones rated a five. Those drivers experienced the fewest traffic stops, received the fewest tickets, and had been in the fewest accidents.

Which drivers are safer?

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Taking the data from a different light shows some silver linings. Out of the top ten brands the worst drivers drive, Buick, Volkswagen, and Kia are among the least likely to be driven by bad drivers. Hyundai drivers receive the least tickets and traffic stops, and have been in the least amount of accidents. Buick, Volkswagen, and Kia aren’t among the top three brands to engage in bad driving behavior, according to the survey. 

However, they’re also not among the top 10 brands that the most attractive people drive. This survey deems Jeep, Lexus, and Ford among the least likely to be driven by attractive drivers, who would also pick either orange, gold, or yellow as their car’s color. By this data alone, Hyundai drivers might rate themselves a 5-out-of-10 in terms of their skill level. 

While it’s fun to look at survey results, the thing to remember is this data is based on an average. The data for most accidents, traffic tickets, and amount of times pulled over pertains to the drivers’ entire time as a licensed driver. Drivers who got into more accidents and received more tickets towards the beginning of their driving career may have learned from those mistakes and became better drivers for it. Regardless, it’s always the best idea to remain vigilant while on the road.