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Three used ATVs parked in the desert.

Is Buying a New ATV Model Better Than Buying a Used ATV?

Deciding whether to buy a new ATV over a used ATV can be a tough decision. The ATV market has grown so much over the past few years. Between more powerful engines and new and dynamic technologies, the new ATVs are pretty tempting. However, four-wheelers live a hard life making the premium for buying a …
A 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R Ultimate and RZR Pro R 4 Ultimate speed through the desert

2022 RZR Pro R: The Most Powerful Polaris Side-by-Side Ever

Polaris is giving its performance RZR side-by-side lineup a new, range-topping model that packs more power than any of the brand's other UTVs. It's the 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R, and the extra horsepower is just the start of its upgrades. But if you want some of these fancy features, be prepared to pay.
A snow plow attached to an ATV scrapping the road.

Are UTVs Better Than ATVs For Snow Plowing?

You may be wondering if you have the right vehicle for when winter hits to plow away the snow. ATVs are super versatile with a plow, as are UTVs. But which is better equipped for the job? The answer will come down to your snow plowing conditions since ATVs and UTVs each have their unique snow plowing strengths.
A police officer patrols on an ATV as tourists enjoy a day at the beach

Do ATVs Need Insurance?

ATVs are popular off-roaders. However, considering their risky reputation, you might wonder whether you should get insurance to cover your quad. We take a look at the dangers of four-wheelers, the benefits of getting ATV insurance, and state insurance requirements.
A farmer on an ATV moves sheep down a narrow country road

Do Cowboys Use ATVs?

Cowboys and horses are a classic pair not only in Westerns but also on real-life ranches and farms. But recently, modern cowboys have left their horses in the stable in favor of ATVs to complete everyday ranch duties, and for good reasons.