a polaris scrambler xp 1000 S ATV kicking up sand at speed on a trail in the desert
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The Fastest ATV Options Straight From the Factory

If you’ve ever ridden an ATV, you know how fun a quad can be. Time on the trails riding an ATV or four-wheeler is an activity that’s fun for everyone. There are serious competitions, too, like TT flat track races and GNCC cross-country competitions. Whether we are riding for fun or competitively, for some people …

a bright green honda fourtrax foreman rubicon in the snow
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Top 5 ATVs of 2021

There’s a long list of reasons we love ATVs. Also known as quads, they’re extremely convenient for a range of farm chores and ranch work. Or, they can pack out gear into the backcountry for a hunting trip. However, while ATV and four-wheeler options are awesome for utilitarian purposes, they are also just pure fun. …

Chris Maschauser rides an ATV to cut off a heard of goats from Mascauser Vineyards and Ranch in California
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NADA Has Taken the Stress Out of Shopping for a New ATV

Cars are expensive to own and maintain, but ATVs offer a more affordable way to get some off-roading thrills. Many states don’t even require ATV drivers to have a license, making these vehicles more accessible. However, the process of buying a new or used ATV is often just as extensive as purchasing a car. You …

Two children driving an ATV at a ski resort
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The 5 Safest Kids’ ATVs and 1 to Avoid

Christmas is upon us, and for many kids, an ATV is at the top of their wishlist. That being said, the market abounds with four-wheelers, but not all of them are created equal. If you’re looking for the perfect kids’ ATV that’s exciting yet safe, here’s a round-up of quads that fit the bill. We’ve …

John Deere Gator transformed into ice-cream truck sells ice cream to tourists on the beach at a seaside resort on the North Sea coast.
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Do You Actually Need a 2021 John Deere Gator XUV835R?

In 1837, a blacksmith named John Deere created the first commercially successful steel plow. The company has come a long way since those early beginnings, even branching out into ATV-like vehicles. The John Deere product line has been part of the American agricultural landscape for centuries, known for its iconic green tractors. Keeping up with …

Two people drive an ATV through a muddy creek.
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5 Fun Used ATVs for Under $3,500

If you’ve ever ridden an ATV through the forest or on a sandy trail, you get it. If you haven’t, there’s a good chance you’d like to give it a go. Some of them are crazy expensive. But you don’t actually have to spend ridiculous cash to have a little 4×4 fun in the dirt. …

Two riders take the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 S to a scenic overlook.
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2021 Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 S Is an AWD Trail and Dune Conquering Machine

A lot of people like to go offroad in all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs. The four-wheelers are popular on trails and dunes. ATV usage also rises during hunting season as people trek out to their favorite locations away from the pavement. The sales have also risen during the pandemic as people scramble toward outdoor activities. Polaris makes several different models to fit …

2019 Ford Ranger FX2 driving down country road
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Can a Ranger Tow a Ranger?

The Polaris Ranger and the Ford Ranger are both popular vehicles for their own reasons. In fact, it’s entirely plausible that someone might want both. But before you go down that road, you should make sure your pickup truck can tow your side-by-side. Or else, it’s all in vain. There is absolutely no point in …

a red Honda UTV Pioneer 1000 LE climbing rocky terrain
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Is the Honda Pioneer Street Legal in America?

ATVs, UTVs, Side-by-sides, quads––whatever you call them. People often wonder how legal (or safe) it is to ride one of these on the street. Sometimes access to a certain trails system is only a short ride on a road away from the property on which the off-road recreational vehicle like the Honda Pioneer is kept. …

A honda and Yamaha utv poised head to head against a white backdrop
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Honda Pioneer vs. Yamaha Wolverine

A UTV, or Utility Task Vehicle, is one of the most desired outdoor recreation vehicles around. Not only can they go virtually anywhere, but they can fit two people side by side––hence the name side-by-side. Additionally, a UTV has a little cargo space and some towing capacity. Two popular UTVs are the Honda Pioneer and …

White-framed Ariel Nomad Tactical parked on a gravel road
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The Ariel Nomad Is a Street-Legal Baja Buggy

Side-by-side UTVs may be tons of fun, but they’re not exactly street-legal. And while there are plenty of off-road trucks and SUVs on the market, they don’t have quite the same raw appeal. Safari 911s and modified Miatas, as well as a handful of supercars, come a bit closer. But for tackling both the urban …

Reliable ATVs
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Top 5 ATVs of 2020

Whether you need one for tough jobs and mobility in all-terrain situations or you just want one to load up and take to the trails, there is an ATV that fits your needs. These top 5 2020 ATVs––or quads––are some top dollar machines designed to do whatever you want. ATVs are one of the most …

Lazareth LM410
2 Wheels

Lazareth LM410 Motorcycle Has 4 Wheels and 200 Hp

As a general rule, motorcycles only have 2 wheels. True, there are some 3-wheeled exceptions. Morgan, for example, will sell you a 3-wheeled vehicle that’s legally considered a motorcycle in most US states; ditto Canadian company Campagna. But if you want an actual motorcycle with 3 wheels, the only real choices are Can-Am or Harley-Davidson. …