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A snow plow attached to an ATV scrapping the road.
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Are UTVs Better Than ATVs For Snow Plowing?

You may be wondering if you have the right vehicle for when winter hits to plow away the snow. ATVs are super versatile with a plow, as are UTVs. But which is better equipped for the job? The answer will come down to your snow plowing conditions since ATVs and UTVs each have their unique snow plowing strengths.

It’s pretty hard to believe that fall is already here for some parts of the country. And soon, the winter snow will be flying. So now is the perfect time to explore your snow plowing options. But you may be wondering if you have the right vehicle. ATVs are super versatile with a plow, as are UTVs. But which is better equipped for the job? The answer will come down to your snow plowing conditions since ATVs and UTVs each have their unique strengths.

When the UTV is the better snow plowing option

It’s known that UTVs generally come with more power and capability than a traditional ATV. So, you might assume that using a UTV for plowing snow is the better choice. And there are specific scenarios in which the UTV is the ideal vehicle for the job. Polaris suggests if you have a large driveway, wide walkways, or extensive paths to clear, UTV snow plowing is probably best.

Many sources suggest the key to effortless snow plowing depends on the weight and traction of the vehicle. The heavier the ride, like with UTVs, the more traction you can harness. And the short answer might be, yes, UTV snow plowing can be better than ATV snow plowing for this reason alone.

ATVs are great snow plowing vehicles in these situations

ATVs may have a reputation for being the fun, adventure-seeking rides of summer. But don’t assume they can’t cut the mustard when it comes to plowing snow. In fact, despite having less engine power than some UTVs, an ATV can be an absolute boss in the snow.

As Gearachu points out, a 400cc ATV can push snow like a champ. Narrower driveways and walkways can quickly be cleared of snow with the right ATV. ATV snow plowing is often popular among consumers because the average city sidewalk and driveway are smaller than those who usually live in more rural areas, with more ground to cover and snow to push.

What equipment you’ll need


What’s the Difference Between an ATV and a UTV?

Regardless of whether you opt for an ATV or UTV, you’ll want to equip your ride with the right tools. Can-Am points out a few areas to consider before buying yours, including four-wheel-drive capability.

It’s equally important that your ATV or UTV has ample torque, given the amount of snow you plan to be moving. Engine power matters, but the proper torque can get the job done in either variation. Maneuverability and reliability matter too. So, be sure to choose a model ATV or UTV that can handle the workload you plan to face.

If you have a large area to plow that may require a few hours, you’ll need a healthy horse attached to your plow to avoid breakdowns or mechanical failures. Don’t be afraid to go for comfort, as well, including features like heated grips or enclosures to keep warm.

There is always a wrong and a right way to plow snow, regardless of your chosen vehicle, to do so this winter. Cranking on the four-wheel drive and charging ahead isn’t going to be ideal. Instead, most ATV and UTV experts will tell you to be mindful of how you plow snow, including recognizing the snow conditions and adjusting accordingly.

Plow angles are essential to ensure you avoid ramming into the ground or hitting obstructions. And purchasing the right-sized plow for your ATV or UTV will ensure you harness the most power without overworking your vehicle when plowing. 

When you’re ready to prep for winter snow, you can weigh your options between both ATVs and UTVs. Depending on the kind of snow plowing you anticipate, both can be viable choices for the job.