Is Buying a New ATV Model Better Than Buying a Used ATV?

Deciding whether to buy a new ATV over a used ATV can be a tough decision. The ATV market has grown so much over the past few years. Between more powerful engines and new and dynamic technologies, the new ATVs are pretty tempting. However, four-wheelers live a hard life making the premium for buying a new one hard to stomach. Used ATVs already have the bumps and bruises to make thrashing it easier and buying one cheaper. So is buying a new ATV better than buying a used ATV? 

Three used ATVs parked in the desert.
Three Quad bikes | Matthew Williams-Ellis/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

What’s the difference between a UTV and an ATV? 

UTVs are typically associated with work activities like hunting, ranch hand transportation, hauling, and even towing. While ATVs can do some light work, the overwhelming majority of ATV owners use them to play. They are much closer to motorcycles in spirit, size, and pricing. 

ATVs, also known as “four-wheelers” or “quads,” are typically meant for one rider straddling a saddle like a motorcycle. Sitting upright like this makes the driver’s body a key part of steering, while the UTV bench or bucket seats and the steering wheel are a much closer experience to a car or truck. 

How much is a new ATV? 

A man rides his ATV through the snow. Would you rather a new ATV or a used one?
A man rides a four-wheeler in the snow | Niall Carson/PA Images via Getty Images

Obviously, there is quite a range of prices for the new ATV market. The price range doesn’t quite cover the gambit as cars, trucks, or motorcycles, but it is a wide range nonetheless. According to NADAguides, you should expect to spend between $3k-$15k. The average price for an ATV in 2019 was $7k. 

Make ModelATV TypeNew PriceUsed Price
KawasakiBrute Force 300Utility$4,599$3,199 (2017)
HondaFourTrax RancherUtility$5,599$4,499 (2017)
Can-AmOutlander 450Utility$6,499$3,999 (2017)
Polaris Sportsman 450 H.O.Utility$6,599$4,295 (2018)
SuzukiKing Quad 400 ASIUtility$7,199$5,393 (2019)
Honda FourTrax Foreman Rubicon 4×4Utility$9,399$6,299 (2015)
YamahaRaptor 700R SESport $9,699$6,999 (2018)
PolarisSportsman 850Utility$9,999$6,999 (2016)
KawasakiBrute Force 750 4x4iUtility$9,999$7,999 (2017)
YamahaKodiak 700Utility$10,199$8,999 (2018)
YamahaGrizzly EPSUtility$10,899$6,495 (2016)
Polaris Scrambler 850Sport$10,899$6,895 (2017)
Can-AmOutlander 650Utility$11,299$6,456 (2016)
Can-AmOutlander XT 850Utility$13,299$8,499 (2018)
Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 SUtility$15,599$10,795 (2018)
Can-AmOutlander MAX XT-P 1000Utility$15,649$9,995 (2016)

Like any other automotive market, the price of buying a new ATV is heavily dependant on the engine size, amount of comfort or performance features, and tech. 

How much is a used ATV? 


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Prices can fluctuate a bit more when buying a used ATV. Used ATV pricing is varies depending on model, trim, and of course, condition. In 2019, the used ATV price average was $5,592. Used has many advantages like more room to negotiate prices, the ATV is already broken in, and you can learn more about a used model that’s been in circulation than a brand new one. 

Is buying a used ATV worth it? 

Buying a used ATV is inherently more complicated than buying a new ATV. However, the payoff is the price point. Before you can buy used, you need to know what to look for. Things like mileage, tire wear, leaking oil, and overall condition can greatly affect a used ATV’s price. 

Should you buy a used ATV or a new ATV? 

There is no right or wrong way to buy an ATV. ATV customers are a diverse and far-reaching group that uses their machines for a variety of tasks. If you can find a used version of a new ATV that can save you some bread without sacrificing quality, many people will take that opportunity. However, some people don’t want to trust a used machine becuase they are afraid of what the previous owners did to it. This is also a legitimate take, and for it, you’ll pay a new ATV Premium but will have a warranty and peace of mind.