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If you are familiar with the world of mid-size trucks, you likely know about the Nissan Frontier. The Frontier has long been a mainstay in this segment, and for 2022 it even comes standard with a V6 engine. In the past though, Nissan actually shared its small pickup with another automotive brand, Suzuki. That’s right, for a brief time, Suzuki offered what was essentially just a rebadged Nissan Frontier. So, what’s the deal with the Suzuki Equator?

Is the Suzuki Equator rare?

Despite being cheaper than the Frontier, the Suzuki Equator was not an extremely popular pickup, which makes them a fairly rare sight on today’s roads. If you are shopping for a used mid-size truck from this era, then you are probably more likely to find a Frontier over an Equator. 

Suzuki sold the Equator truck from 2009 until 2012. And to be honest, a four-year run is fairly impressive. The Equator had just two trim levels, the base model and the RMZ. According to AutoTrader, the RMZ trim actually came with a Garmin navigation system. So that means you can find a little bit of luxury in your rebadged Nissan Frontier. 

Was the Suzuki Equator a truck?

When Suzuki decided it need to offer a truck in the American market, the brand did not want to take on development costs on its own. Because of that, the brand reached out to Nissan to see if it could borrow the Frontier, and Nissan said yes. It is not all that uncommon for auto manufacturers to team up, and that still happens to this day. But after Suzuki stopped selling cars in the United States, the Equator was sent to the chopping block. 

A Suzuki mid-size truck known as the Equator.
Suzuki Equator | BlueCrabRedCrab

Just like its Nissan sibling, the Suzuki Equator came with a standard four-cylinder engine and an optional V6. It also boasted a manual transmission and optional four-wheel drive, which made it a fairly capable mid-size truck. 

Should you buy a Suzuki Equator?

If you are searching for a mid-size truck but the Frontier feels out of reach, the Equator is a good alternative. Most people probably do not know that this truck exists, which means you could potentially get a solid deal. The Equator may lack Nissan badging, but it was still built mostly by the Nissan brand. Which should help ease concerns about reliability. 

Plus, you get the benefits of a quirky truck that is sure to stand out from other pickups. 

Does Suzuki sell cars in America?

Before ending sales in the U.S. in 2012, Suzuki did offer multiple vehicles in the American market. And while it no longer sells cars in the state, other countries are getting new Suzuki vehicles. Probably one of the most popular new Suzuki cars is the Jimny. Much like the old Equator, the Jimny is fairly affordable and capable. Making it a top choice for those shopping for a cheaper 4×4 SUV. 

The Suzuki X-90 is one of the worst used SUVs from the 1990s you can buy
Suzuki X-90 | Suzuki

It is unlikely that Suzuki will start selling cars in America again, just because it would be costly and difficult to meet regulations.