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Sometimes people rescue dogs. Other times, dogs find a way to rescue themselves. A TikToker named Lena and her family ended up with a dog they did not expect when “JD” snuck into their garage and jumped into their Ford Edge SUV.

According to Lena, it was late at night and she had the garage and car open because she was packing it. Then she saw a “little” animal sneak by her and into the car. You can see the moment she first met JD in the video below:


??? my heart really hurts for this dog..hes so sweet but so sickly #dog #whatdoido #help #stray #mange

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Lena immediately noticed JD did not look well. Not only was he thin and wrinkly, but he had lost most of his fur. She suspected mange, and that was a major problem. Lena has children and another dog, so she wanted to protect them all from any kind of disease. She locked the stray dog in her garage and gave him some food.

The next day, Lena and company loaded JD back in their Ford and drove him to the veterinarian. They found out JD was having an allergic reaction to fleas and it was safe to play with him. Lena’s kids were overjoyed because they’d been eager to play with their new puppy. She mentioned that at this point her and her husband began to “talk about” what to do with JD. But I’ll say that after the kids began to play with the new dog, it would be hard for any family to get rid of him again.

Ford Edge crossover SUV driving on a winding road.
2015 Ford Edge | Ford

The final test was introducing JD to the family’s existing dog. But once they met, both of their tails immediately began to wag.

JD still had low energy and was missing most of his fur. Lena gave him a medicated bath every two days to get rid of his fleas and restore his fur. And it worked. And as he ate, he filled back out. Lena reported that three weeks later he felt safe enough to play with toys like a regular dog.

Lena and her family still have JD. And the back of her Ford is still very much his happy place.

Next, read about Tilly the Border Collie who disappeared during a car crash then reappeared on a farm to herd sheep, or see JD’s transformation yourself in the video below:

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