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Getting into a car wreck among the most daunting aspects of driving. Typically, drivers are going about their day, and this traumatic event happens in the blink of an eye. What people should know is that even if there aren’t clear signs that your car needs body repair, there can be unseen damage that can be costly later. This is because the effects car accidents aren’t always immediate. 

Car accidents can causes unseen frame damage

People may not always realize it, but the frame of a vehicle is one of its most significant components, as it provides the primary source of structural support. However, it can easily become damaged in a car wreck, and owners may not see the damage. Of course, your car has bumpers, but they don’t provide significant protection for the frame in the event of a car accident. 

A car wreck
A car wreck | Bilanol via iStock

It’s necessary to have your car inspected by a certified collision expert after a crash to determine if you need car body work done. Frame damage can cause issues with the aspects of the car, such as suspension. Car accidents that damage the frame can also impact wheel alignment and compromise other components, such as the radiator. 

Car wrecks can cause electrical problems

People who get into car accidents can also experience electrical problems with their vehicles. Of course, this probably won’t require car body repair, but it can be serious. Essentially, being involved in a collision can cause wires connected to things like lights and other electrical components to loosen. 

This part of car accidents may not sound that bad, but what happens when the vehicle behind you can’t see your brake lights? Having electrical problems can easily turn into safety hazards. Over time, there could also be increased damage to the system due to the wires becoming damaged. Naturally, this could also impact the battery, sound system, or any other electrical component. 

Miscellaneous damage

A YouTube video about inspecting for rust damage

Car accidents can cause all sorts of issues with your car that you can’t see. One thing that many people may not consider is the trunk becoming damaged. Of course, some forms of damage would be visible, but problems with locks may either be unseen or arise later. Plus, there could be issues keeping the trunk closed due to other latches. There could also be issues with sealing it and protecting the trunk’s interior from moisture. 

According to The Collision Experts, rust is another concern car owners should have after accidents. Over time, the rust can eat through the metal on your car, which no one wants due to the less-than-pleasing appearance. This is an issue where the car would probably need body repair.

In general, there are many ways that unseen damage after car wrecks can present itself. Some will require bodywork on the car, but others can be just as detrimental. Getting your vehicle inspected after a car accident is generally a solid idea. This is also why it’s necessary to get the insurance information of the other driver and to keep proper documentation, which usually means filing a police report after a car wreck.